Saturday, December 31, 2011


The yearly Keledang Club Installation Nite every year end is always the club's highlight. This year's event is no different. As usual, The guest of honour is the Club Patron ,DYTM Raja Muda of Perak, Raja Dr Nazrin Shah graced the occasion with his consort, DYTM Raja Puan Besar.
It is the Keledang Club tradition to elect and install a new president at every year end to head the club's main committe for the following year. Each president serve only one calendar year to be succeeded by another member.
What makes it more interesting is during the installation night, members, their families including the kids as young as 4 years old will make special presentations and shows in the form of singing, dancing, comical acts, fashion shows and musical displays to entertain the the guests.

The dances by Keledang Kids were superb and the fashion show by the Keledang Ladies was sheer magic.Sdr Dato' Hj Megat Ahmad Shahrani, the current Club's Vice President, an accomplished civil and structural contractor was elected and elevated as the new Keledang Club's President for the year 2012. He will be assisted by Sdr Dato Hj Mohd Hamdan Dato' Hj Ahmad, a well known landscape contractor as the new Vice President.

The gala nite ended near midnight with the Royal guests acknowledging the performers and the audience.

Another successful event of a string of colourful events by the Club to end another memorable year.


I have never been to the Royal Belum. In fact none in the family has set foot to this part of Northern Perak, famed for being one of the oldest rain forest in Malaysia, in fact in the world.

Perak, our home state has earmarked the year 2012 as VISIT PERAK YEAR. Royal Belum Forest Reserve, gazetted as a national heritage has been targeted as one of the premier destinations for local and world tourists.

With the objective of having a first hand look and pursuing a few community projects in the villages in the vicinity, Kelab Keledang members and families numbering 79 persons set the journey by cars on one beautiful October 2011 weekend.

to be continued...
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