Thursday, June 26, 2008


Jam 11.30 pagi ni teman berpeluang menghadiri Mesyuarat Agong Tahunan Majuperak Holdings Berhad yang kelima bertempat di Dewan Bandaran Ipoh. Bangunan dewan cantik tersergam dengan senibina lama peningggalan British. Sayang hanya bahagian depan iaitu bahagian dewan saja terurus. Bahagian belakangnya yang satu ketika dulu Pejabat Pelancongan Negeri terbiar selekeh dan tak bermaya. Dato’ Bandar (kalau udah dilantik le) tolong-tolong le jengok-jengok. Tentu ade bendenye nak dibuat kalau udah di baikpulih bahagian belakangnye.

Berbalik cerite mesyuarat agong Majuperak tadi, teman nengok ramei yang datang, lelaki pompuan same banyak. Muke lame ramei yang ade lagi tapi ramei juge yang udah tak de.Taat sungguh deme nie. Saban tahun datang deme nie. Tak jemu-jemu deme datang. Tapi dulu mase Dato’ Zahid jadi Pengerusi, dapat juge duit tambang seghatuih due tapi le nie semenjak dah masok Bursa Malaysia nie hagham hapah pun tak de.

Syarikat nie keghajaan negeghi punye tapi entah le name sajer untung tapi lebuh ntah kemane. Teman idak le nak salah kan sesape pun tapi keghajaan negeghi yang baghu kene le tengok. Ghakyat yang melabor nie nak juge tengok kot-kot ade sikit dividen ke, sikit imbohan tambang ke, almaklum tambang beih pun udah mahei. Jangan sampei deme mula maghah walau pun teman memang dah lame maghah.

Ahli saham Majuperak nie, mughah hati sunggoh. Tak dibayor dividen kat deme pun, bile pengarah mintak bayor directors’ fees, sokong lagi deme. Bukan sikit-sikit yob yong ooui, tapi directors’fee nye sampei RM 385,017.00. Nyade je muke-muke pengarah bile mintak luluih resolusi bayaran ke deme. Hapak tak ghase malu. Ade pengarah yang dapat empat puloh lapan ribu, ade yang dapat due puloh empat ribu. Ghaye sakan le deme ye. Yang pelik tu ade antaghe pengarah, hagham satu saham pun tak ade. Kesian ahli-ahli saham yang datang bedoyon-doyon daghi kampong. Jauh weh. Daghi Parit ade, dari Gerik ade, daghi Bagan Datok ade, daghi Batu Gajah pun ade. Hapah pun tak dapat. Tapi sokong juge deme bila usul bayor pengarah dibentangkan. Haghap-haghap deme paham le ape yang deme sokong.

Teman dengan dua oghang kawan teman idak le sokong. Kami bangkang habeih-habeih. Tapi nak wat camne, saham kami ciput aje. Make tak kemane le soghe soghe teman dan kawan-kawan.Tapi bangkang tetap bangkang, yob. Teman tak halalkan hak teman walau sekupang pun, yong. Bagi kami,meghepek le kalau datang mesyuarat tiga kali setahun, pengarah nak balun sampai empat puloh lapan ribu setahun sorang . Kalau syarikat udah kaye bebenor, keluorkan le zakat, imfakkan sebahagian pendapatan. Kan lebih afdzal dan berkat tu!

Dekat sepuloh kali juge le teman bangkit menyoair. Auditor pun teman soair, pengarah pun teman soair. Perli-perli nye deme. Tapi teman ape peduli. Teman tau banyak lagi ceghite dan banyak lagi bende. Senang-senang nanti teman kabo le pade yang perlu dengor dan yang boleh buat perubahan. Bior adil untuk semue oghang, bior ikhlas segala usahe dan bior berkat keghane muafakat.

Teman tak takut diperli pengarah, tak heran bersoair dengan auditor pasei teman lagi takut disoair di akhirat kalau tak tanye habeih-habeih dan kalau tak ceghite habeih-habeih.

Tapi itu le, buat mase nie itu lah ceghite nye ...macam ghupe tuan punyer kebun doghoyan, doghoyan udah lughoh, banyak buahnye tapi tuan punye kebun dapat bau aje.


Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I got a rude shock when told by Dato’ Seri Nizar, the present MB that until today that Dato’ Seri Tajol Rosli, the former Perak MB has yet to officially hand over the job to him. C’mon Bro, be a gentleman. Just get on with it with a simple ceremony. Stop being a sore loser. You got nothing to lose mate!


Soon after he was officially appointed as the twelveth Menteri Besar of Perak, his former classmates from as far as Australia got together with the PIBG and former teachers of Sekolah Menengah Teknik Brash Avenue, Ipoh to organise an alumni dinner at the school, in his honour as the first student from that school to hold such a high position.

The planning, the organisation was set for the occasion. Just before the function, the organisers received a rude shock from Perak Director of Education barring them from holding the function in the school compound. According to the directive, the function could proceed but elsewhere.
This was narrated by Dato’ Seri Nizar himself during the speech at the Malam Mesra, Kelab Keledang on 18 June 2008.

Hey Mr Director, don’t tell me that a leader duly elected by the Rakyat, consented by the Sultan cannot revisit his alma mater...and that school happened to be in Perak where he is the Menteri Besar.


They are owed four months salaries. Without their salaries, how on Earth can you expect those Penang footballers to put up a good game? Let alone to have a decent life. There are bills to pay, instalments to settle, food to purchase, mouths to feed and so much more things to do.
Penang FA is not the only football association to face the dilemma. Perak FA too is dead broke. Salaries unpaid, EPF contributions in arrears, income tax not settled and heaven knows what else lagi hutang.

Just wonder how many more football associations or football clubs in the country are in the same predicament? So please FAM, get your act together fast. No players can play with an empty stomach. Don’t blame the players if they have to resort to bookies to pay them their next meal.
My suggestion is very simple. Restructure the financial system. Allow all the teams to source their own sponsors. Any subsidy from FAM must go directly to players’ salaries. If need be, just centralise payroll.

Friday, June 20, 2008


One ‘smart’ head at the Perak Football Association went on TV this morning telling the nation that The Association is damned broke! No money to pay players salaries, no money to pay EPF contributions for the last 16 months and lots of hutang at Inland Revenue for non remittance of salaries deductions. So, to resolve the matter, the Association had to sell its properties to cover the expenses.

Hey guys, I know for certain your only properties are two shop-offices which housed your administrative office and a piece of land alienated by Perak state government for the Football Complex. C’mon, are you really that dumb to sell off your office building and your training centre? After all who wants to buy a piece of land designated for football complex? You cannot develop that piece of land as a housing scheme. I bet the state government too would not agree to any proposal to change the status of that complex land into housing. That would be suicidal.

Surely there are other alternative. Think, think, think and be innovative. After all you people just took over two years ago.

A lesson to learn from this episode is next time before anyone rush into scrambling for high offices, think hard, your might not have the necessary expertise and financial stamina for the job.

Don’t expect the present government to bail you out every time you’re in deep shit! You people have already burdened them with the arrears to Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh for non payment of Stadium levy. Was it RM800,000+?


Thursday, June 19, 2008


The first Malam Mesra of Kelab Bakti Gunung Keledang for 2008 was scheduled on 18 June at Clearwater Golf Club, Batu Gajah to celebrate our club’s 31st anniversary. It was supposed to be a normal anniversary celebration.

News that the VVIP for the night was to be none other that our youthful Perak Menteri Besar, Dato’ Seri Ir Mohamad Nizar bin Jamaludin, got around very fast. Result of which, members as far as from KL rushed back to Ipoh to be at the occasion. Guests from all walks of life swarmed the hall making a crowd of nearly 150 persons. Tan Sri Ahmad Azizuddin, our beloved grand member; The OBJ, Panglima Bukit Gantang ; ex-state secretaries; ex-PTG; ex-state assembly from UMNO; leaders of NGOs and businessmen managed to make time for the night.

Starting at 8.30 pm, the night was indeed a very memorable one. The dinner was sumptuous and the hall was filled with anxiety. One could feel the joy and excitement as the audience anticipated a good maiden speech from the MB at the club function. After all, Perak had never had an MB from PAS before.

After dinner the serious business of the night began with the ‘doa’ recited by a Past President, Haji Hamzah Ibrahim. Though stuttering, he managed to pull through. Guessed nervousness caught hold of him. It’s not very often one gets to recite the ‘doa’ in front of a distinguished guest as our MB who is known to be very conversant in Arabic.

Dato’ Azumu Tak, our Club President did pretty well to ‘usik-usik’ the MB especially with his ‘Jackpot Question’ when BN (Barang Naik) could take back the state.

Known for his multilingual talent, MB started his speech wishing the audience in Bahasa Melayu, English, Chinese, Tamil and Arabic. That really set the high tone rolling for the night. He said that it was by the grace of God and the wisdom of the Sultan of Perak that he assumed the post of the Menteri Besar of Perak.

During the recent election, DAP secured 18 seats, PKR obtained 7 seats and PAS captured 6 seats forming the majority coalition with the right to govern the state. PAS was unanimously accorded the MB’s position based on the State Constitution which required a Muslim to lead the government of the day. Hence, the PAS nominee, Ir Mohamad Nizar (not a Dato’ Seri then), became the tenth Menteri Besar of Perak under the unique political formula in Perak history, a twist of fate that changed the political landscape and the social fabrics in Malaysia.

How could anyone on Earth foresee such a situation where three different parties with different ideologies, different racial and religious backgrounds could manage to come together and formed a workable government, are still beyond anybody’s wildest dream.

MB summed it very well. IT IS FATE AND DESTINY. What binds the parties together is the common desire to seek Justice, Accountability and Transparency for the equitable well being of the rakyat.

Quoting several verses from the Quran and Hadiths from Rasullullah saw, Dato’ Seri Ir Nizar eloquently sent the message across to a captivated audience.

Q and A session was pretty hot and long with questions raised on the state government’s intention of giving out permanent titles to new villages and kampong tersusun; request for a permanent track for mat rempits; appointment of Ipoh Mayor; opening of new mines and even the role of Jews.

The fielded questions received decent replies from MB as a seasoned politician.

This young man sounds honest and sincere, seemed to have a clear vision to bring necessary changes for prosperity to the rakyat by creating new jobs and opportunities.

MB also announced that investment proposals amounting to billions of ringgit are coming through the pipeline for Perak.

Still, there are gigantic tasks ahead shaking the sombre status of Perak dulled by the tin mining collapse in the eighties, the sleeping SEDC and the uncooperative state BN who is now the state opposition. The road to success is indeed still long, winding and treacherous.

Let us hope that the government of the day set the right political, social and investment alignments in ushering glory again to Perak soon.

The night ended past midnight with the satisfied audience lining the hall corridor to bid goodbye to our VVIP.

Thank you Dato’ Seri and Datin Seri. May God bless you both and the family.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Despite the recent fuel price hike, The STAR reported today that food lovers in Ipoh can still enjoy their favourite dishes of crunchy taugeh, kuey teow, chicken rice and Ipoh white coffee at restaurants at the same old prices.

According to the paper, a recent check revealed that most eateries and hawkers outlets preferred to stick to existing prices and absorbed most of the price increases.

Well, at lease there are still smart people around who know how to juggle costs and respect their customers. Yeh, Ipoh, show them the way forward.


Thursday, June 5, 2008


Itu kate Perdane Menteghi ‘Cemerlang, Gemilang dan Terbilang’ lepeih umum ghege petrol naik 78 sen dan diesel satu ghinggit. Kalou Perdane Menteghi yang rakyat jelate sayang nie udah kabo gitu, yob yong ooiii, kite kene le dengor. Jangan buat-buat tak dengor. Jangan mike pulak buat-buat tidor sebab Pi Emmm kite nie cukup kuat keghoje sampei tak cukop tidor. Tu yang kadang-kadang terlintok tidor meghate tempat tu. Kadang-kadang le...

Jangan maghah kat Pi Emm tu, tak baik. Dier banyak keghoje, ghate negaghe nak melawat, serbe seghebi nak buat. Udah pulak tu le nie ramei dok suke jentek dier kat  sane kat sini. Macam-macam nak dijenteknye deme.

Pagi-pagi haghi nie teman pun kene ubah caghe hidup le. Bangun lebeih awei sebab belum suboh udah kene pegi caghi kayu api. Mane idaknye nak tanak ayor kene pakei kayu api. Sebab kene pakei dapor kayu macam dolu-dolu. Kene belajor jimat, mane tau gas memasak pun lepeih nie naik ghege juge. Jadi kene caghi kayu dulu. Nak caghi kayu.. nak caghi kayu...

Udah dapat kayu, nak pelekat api pulak. Lepeih tu baghu boleh mandi dan ambik wudhu. Ghasenye idak le susah sebab petang semalam hujan lebat. Ayor pree Allah Taala bagi. Tak peghonah naik reghe.

Udah tadah ayor hujan tu buat mandi, ambik wudhu, dan solat, pun ade baki.Lebeih dua kolah weh! Lepeih solat boleh semai sayor dan basoh keghete. Lepeih basoh nak simpan keghete elok-elok bawah porch. Duduk le elok-elok ye wahai keghete ku.Takat basoh, gosok-gosok boleh lagi tiap-tiap pagi. Takde hair nye .Nak bawak mike berjalan keghete ooi, payah bebenor le lepeih ni, minyak udah maheii!

Pasei ape maheii, jangan tanye teman le. Mane teman tauu, sebab ape ghege petrol mahei walau pun kite ade minyak senighi, teman bukan Pi Emmm. Tanye le Pi Emmm mane pegi duit untung PETRONAS yang banyak-banyak tuu.Teman pun bukan peghonah tengok akaun PETRONAS. Nak tanye YB tempat teman pun udah tak nampak batang idung. Ngape tak gune untung PETRONAS untuk subsidi, pun tanye le Pi Emmm.

Kan Pi Emmm tu oghang ceghodek, bijaksana, bijaksini. Cemerlang Gemilang dan Terbilang.

Nak pegi mane-mane pun lepeih nie, senang pakai kaki atau naik basikal. Ape susah, boleh juge keluor peloh. Nak pegi mengaji ke, nak ke kedei beli ubi keledek ke, nak beli bereih ke, nak pegi mancen ke, nak pegi masjid ke, jalan kaki pun boleh sampei. Ape susah, kan..kan..

Elok juge semuer oghang jalan kaki nie, takde traffic jam. Kalau jalan kaki tu bile nampak Perdana Menteghi ke, mane –mane Menteghi ke, lalu dengan Mercedes ke BMW ke, lambei-lambei le deme. Untung-untung deme nampak. Tu pun kalou boleh celuih kot cermin gelap le.

Eh, tapi takkan deme nak naik keghete lagi kot kalou deme udah kabo rakyat ubah caghe idup. Tentu deme pun naik basikal ke, skuter ke, naik beih ke, ghope MB Peghok. Iyer tak iyer pulak yer..

Tak kesahlah kalau deme tak mau ubah pun. Takpe. Biase lah tu. Macam deme suruh kiter anto anak ke sekolah kebangsaan tapi dengor ceghite, deme anto anak belajor kat oversea. Sughuhnye kite berubat kat hospital tempatan tapi mungkin deme picit jeghawat pun kat Australia.

Breakfast makan ape? Minum ayor sejok, makan ubi kayu rebuih, amacam? Segor, jimat dan moghah. Sedappp cikkk...teghingat kate Pak Usu,  sahabat teman dari kaum Oghang Asli, mase dolu dolu mase teman ghajen masok hutan le.

Lunch? Tak payah nasik . Boleh pileh jagong rebuih ke, keledek bakor ke, kuih pau pun ok. Payah payah moi pun bolehh..sahabat teman daghi kaum Tionghua balun moi dengan telor asin  haghi-haghi pun seleghe keghoje kontrak dari pagi sampaei petang tak komplen pun. Jimat nak anto anak masok universiti. Tak kesah lah. Mane mane pun sedap, jimat dan rengkas.

Kalou nak makan nasik sekarang bini teman kabo kene kighe beghape bijik. Sekali makan tak boleh lebeih 200 bijik satu haghi. Tu yang kene buat moi tu.Yang kencen maneih udah tak runsen, kughang kanji kighe selamat.

Kalou nak makan jagong setengah tongkoi kecik cukup. Itu pun grade D. Apek yang tanam kabo yang gred A untuk ekspot. Oghang tempatan makan gred D. Kalau keledek boleh banyak sebab ghege maseh moghah. Apek yang juei tu dier senighi cilok-cilok tanam kat tanah keghejaan. Tanah bekeih lombong jadi sewe pree.

Makan malam camne yek? Takde susahnye, minum kopi O cukup dah, nak taghik kain selimut je, bukan payah banyak tenage. Tidor cepat jimat letrik. Tidor pun pakei kain pelekat udah tak payah pakei baju. Senang cuci, jimat ayor jimat sabun, jimat letrik basuh senighi. Sayang biniii...

Kalou nak jimat letrik lagi lepeih nie caghi lampu ayam. Tak pun pakei tanglong macam malam tujuh likor!

Rase-rase udah boleh idup dah tu. Belambak duit boleh jimat. Lepeih tu boleh beli gomen bond ke, amanah saham negeghi ke,atau masok ASB ke. Suke hati mike le.

Jangan lupe kite rakyat kene samer samer tolong bantu keghejaan.Dengor cakap Pi Emmm. Ingat tu.


Sunday, June 1, 2008


Demikian kata DPM, Dato’ Seri Najib Razak baru baru ini.

Mengujudkan satu bangsa Malaysia sememangnyalah matlamat semua rakyat Malaysia yang cintakan rukun, damai, aman, makmur di Negara bertuah ini.

Memang senang bercakap.Tapi kalau UMNO masih menjerit tentang Ketuanan Melayu sampai kiamat pun takkan tercapai impian menyaksikan satu bangsa Malaysia yang bermaruah.

Najib harus ingat bahawa beliau perlu mendendangkan satu lagu satu irama dan satu nada di semua tempat, di setiap detik masa pada semua audiens dalam apa jua keadaan.

Hari ini kita mahu dengar semua pihak bercakap pasal Ketuanan Rakyat.Kita mau dengar semua pemimpin mengaku rakyatlah berkuasa.

Rakyat mau melihat semua pemimpin bergandingan tangan bekerja sama sama untuk semua rakyat di semua negeri di seluruh Malaysia tercinta.

Kerana rakyat Malaysia tahu hak mereka sebagai anak bangsa Malaysia. Kerana rakyat sudah bijak menggunakan kuasa undi mereka. Rakyat Malaysia yang hari ini buta warna kulit ,buta keturunan dan buta budaya. Rakyat Malaysia yang berjuang atas sifat muhibbah ,toleransi, saling menghormati rakan dan jiran dari pelbagai latar belakang dan adat resam.

Rakyat Malaysia yang telah memilih wakil-wakil rakyat seperti Najib Razak untuk bekerja dan sama-sama berusaha ke arah menterjemah wadah satu Bangsa Malaysia.

Kepada Najib Razak dan semua pemimpin yang telah dipilih rakyat, berhentilah bercakap atas dasar sesuatu kaum, ras atau keturunan.

Sesungguhnya rakyat sudah jelak dan muak dengan telatah mike semua yang bercakap,bercakap dan bercakap.

Just get on with the job of realising that elusive dream of forging a PEACE AND LOVING BANGSA MALAYSIA.


Mingguan Malaysia melaporkan hari ini ADUN Pangkor menyatakan bahawa pelaburan baru di negeri Perak bernilai RM22 billion yang diumumkam Menteri Besar Perak, Dato’ Seri Nizar adalah sebenarnya hasil usaha Kerajaan Barisan Nasional yang lalu.

Does it really matter who actually secure those investments?

Young man, what matters to the Rakyat is, there are real investments flowing into our beloved state of Perak. Time and again we heard before about billions and billions of investments coming into this state but in the end nothing much seen on the ground. Most of the investments announcements somehow disappeared into the thin air.

Despite series of investment missions overseas conducting by Perak SEDC, no new industrial sites were opened nor new factories constructed. Worse still we witnessed many factories like Safeskin and Seagate closed down and operations either relocated to China or Vietnam. Even medium scale factories like Mabuchi and Mattel in Jelapang and Kg Gajah closed down.

What the state urgently needs now is for ALL the 59 elected state assemblymen to put their heads together and start working real hard to bring development to the state. Make sure all the proposed RM 22 billion investments and more are realised. Make sure more jobs are created. Make sure there are enough money in the rakyat’s pockets to purchase essential food items, clothing to cover the bodies and decent roofs to call homes.

So, to all of you whom we’ve voted in as our state assemblymen, get cracking, start earning your upkeeps. We are just fed up of your petty squabbling. Start working together as a team irrespective whether you are ‘cap dacing’, ‘cap bulan’ , ‘cap roket’, ‘cap mata’, ‘cap ayam’ or whatever...

Please cooperate with the present state government that has duly and legally been elected by the rakyat for the rakyat and to the rakyat.

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