Sunday, April 27, 2008


Today I reached the statutory age of retirement for a government servant. A ripe old age of 56 years that is. It would have been my last day in office had I chose to work in the service till the very last day but I chose to opt earlier. Two years and two months earlier to be exact. It was a very easy decision then having reached the stage where I thought I have done what I could to complete my assignment.

For the record I was seconded to a state GLC for a turnaround exercise. I thought I did quite a good job in reviving the company so much so that it managed to get approval for listing in 2005 and listed on the Main Board, Bursa Malaysia on 27 June 2007. Well, before I left the service, I was given an option to purchase some shares for services rendered. I took the option, paid the shares in full and left the service.

I thoroughly enjoyed my early retirement. I had all the time to myself to indulge in activities I wanted to do but keep on postponing. There is gardening, catching up with reading, writing, filing away all my documents, attending religious classes and lots of other things. There were doors and windows to mend. My old Morris Minor too needed attention. I will talk about my vintage car later. I had also wanted to incorporate a company to initiate a family business, run a successful business that my children could then hopefully take over and bring to greater heights. Anyway, a pensioner still needs something to do to earn his upkeeps.

You know getting started in business at this late age was not that easy. I guess I did make some headway though it was tough. Only a few friends I could really count on. The rest, kind of drifted away.

After two years of labouring around in business, I am quite proud with the well-spent time in moulding a small business outfit. There is some success albeit a very small one. Still, I believe, those small achievements are steps in the right direction for my kids to explore further.
I thank the Almighty for giving me the good health, strength, the good life, the opportunity to serve the society and most of all this wonderful family.


Monday, April 21, 2008


Late this evening my daughter got her university semester’s examination result. It turned out to be quite good, really. Two A’s, three B+ and two B.

It was a relief for both of us especially after her traumatic experience with a senior lecturer just before the examination. 

Well, that’s my girl, tough and steady. Congratulations. I’m sure with more effort next semester you should be able to secure higher grade.

No matter I’m proud of you, Akak.


I’m quite happy with the way the PAKATAN RAKYAT’s coalition government is moving around managing the state. They seemed to be pressing the right buttons so far. They seemed to be sincere, honest and with a sense of purpose in getting to the rakyat. What I like to see now is for the new state government to move in quickly into the management of state agencies and state companies. Please call in the professional auditors to investigate the financial affairs of those agencies and companies especially the Perak SEDC and its group of companies. Many pieces of land for residential development were passed to ‘some people’ at lower than market prices without going through proper open tender. Please also check the SEDC companies’ statutory and financial records at the Companies Commission, Malaysia. Information will reveal that the boards of directors are being monopolised by a few officers who are closed to the CEO only. Some of the full time SEDC officers are even holding full time executive directorships in companies quoted on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia at the same time! Please check the Government General Orders. Boleh ka pegang dua full time jobs pada satu-satu masa. No wonder harga saham of that company lagi murah dari pisang goreng lorr. Semua kerja mau buat jadi apa kerja pun tarak buat. To show some profit in the financial accounts, SEDC and its group of companies resorted to selling raw lands at cheap prices through contra deals or by invitations. Well,kalau takat jual tanah projek secara murah-murah, tak payah officer laa, budak kindergarten pun lagi pandai maa....

Please also check the entertainment expenses, allowances, bonuses and advances taken by directors/political nominees on the Board of those companies prior to the elections. Make sure these people pay back /refund whatever that are not due to them. There is this former chairman of an SEDC company who took a RM200,000 advance. I also know that an ADUN who took over as the chairman of the same SEDC company had taken advances prior to his overseas trips on many occasions amounting to several thousands Ringgit on every trip. I wonder whether those directors have settled their advances. These directors have done nothing to deserve anything! In the meantime,the shareholders of that company (Now listed on Main Board) have not been paid any dividend since 2006 while seeing the price of their shares hit rock bottom. So Dato’ Seri MB, over to you.


On reaching KLIA last Thursday, I received the sad news that a former office colleague passed away due to cancer. The late Datin and I used to work at the Contract and Supplies Management Division, Ministry of Finance, Malaysia way back in 1979. She was diagnosed with breast cancer four years’ ago.Two weeks ago, at a friend’s daughter wedding reception, I was informed she was already in a comatose situation. To Dato’ Osman, atas pemergian isteri yang saudara sayangi, banyak-banyak bersabar diatas segala dugaan daripada Allah swt.Takziah dan ALFATIHAH....


Was in Jakarta last week meeting up with my son’s business partner over some deal struck late last year. After five months ,business still kind of so so. Nothing as exciting as originally forecasted and anticipated though profits are there. Nevertheless I’m optimistic. With more effort, real networking, sound legal advice and proper financial and accounting systems established, plus patience and perseverance, business could prosper in the near future. Actually the business was initiated by my second son who prefers to venture in business rather than sourcing a salaried job. Hope I can address all the hiccups and put the business on a sounder footing for Angah to soldier on .

It’s always my wish to see my kids become successful business persons and secure their financial independence and place in the society. I always believe that only through sheer hard and intelligent work, honesty, trust, patience, perseverance and doa, one can be successful in life. Of course, what you get, you have to return something back to society through zakat, infak and ‘sadakah’. To my kids, I can only provide them with start up capital, advice (for whatever they are worth) and guidance based on my experience besides love and tender care. They will then have to continue on their own, squeeze their brain, build on the foundation set and aim higher.
On the way home, at Sokekarno- Hatta Airport, had a chat with Angah’s friend, Tony Lee. At just 28 years old, this young Malaysian of Chinese heritage is already a seasoned and successful entrepreneur dealing with housing materials. Shuffling from KL, Jakarta and Bangkok, he is the proud owner of three factories assembling those product lines. I’m impressed. Tarak NEP tarak Gomen’s help pun boleh maa..... Malaysia Boleh. Your feat should be emulated by all the young Malaysians. Syabas young man!
It has been quite a while since I last wrote something in this blog.There were lots of things I want to jot down but somehow or rather never managed to pen down.Guess I have to be more discipline from now on .

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Begitulah tajuk khutbah yang dibacakan oleh Ustaz Haji Zaini di Masjid AlMuttaqin,Taman Meru, Jumaat lalu. First time aku dengar tajuk rupa tu. Katanya PDRM cadang biar le masyarakat sama - sama bertanggunjawab menjaga keselamatan negara.Tajuk khutbah yang baik itu berjaya menarik perhatian ramai jemaah yang hadir, walau pun masih ada jemaah yang tetap tersengguk seperti biasa.Tahniah Tuan Khatib. Kita memang paham sangat Polis tu sibuk semedang . Kita pun dengar jugak Polis Malaysia ni kira antara yang terhebat di dunia .....tapi kalau udah serba serbi nak dilonggok ke polis, tak terbuat deme weh. Maklumlah orang dah bertambah ramai, kawasan nak dijaga bukannya kecik , jenayah bertambah canggih dan tugas makin pelbagai. Tapi jumlah anggota idak juga bertambah. Tengok di Balai Polis Jelapang udah le. Dok besar tu gak, kekuatan anggota pun ada le bertambah sorang dua, kenderaan sebijik dua proton dan kancil kut. Tapi rumah kediaman,kedai pejabat, ruangniaga baru di kawasan Meru udah bertambah beribu. Pekerje asing pun bersepah-sepah. Kes ragut, samun, pecah rumah, curi,rempit, kesalahan trafik, dadah bertambah-tambah.Report yang ada pun jenuh masih tak boleh selesai-selesai.

Kes tak cukup anggota dan fasiliti ni rasanya memang problem seluruh negara. Tu yang barangkali di KLIA pun orang dah berani menyamun.Kan haghu ......belum diambik kira kes budak-budak hilang yang siang malam cari sampai la ni tak jumpa- jumpa lagi.

Bila akhbar Sunday Times melaporkan hari ini, PDRM akan mengambil sejumlah 6,000 orang bekas anggota tentera sebagai anggota polis yang baru, aku rasa lega sangat.Tentu lebih lega kalau jumlah itu ditambah lagi dengan graduan-graduan dan tenaga profesional baru untuk menyelesaikan jenayah collar putih yang nampaknya semakin bertambah, jika laporan boleh dijadikan petunjuk.Apa pun tahniah PDRM kerana memulakan langkah awal.

Memang betullah masyarakat juga bertanggungjawab jaga keselamatan.Memang banyak pun boleh dibuat untuk membantu secara langsung atau tak langsung untuk keselamat masyarakat. Antaranya, pantau pergerakan anak-anak, perkemaskan program rukuntetangga, kawal harta benda, mesra jiran, perluas program rakan cop,aktifkan semula kegiatan belia supaya budak-budak tak hisap dadah,tak lepak dan tak rempit.Nak harap polis buat semua mampuih le deme.

Apa pun aku lebih suka jika soal keselamatan dan perkhidmatan polis dilihat semula secara menyeluruh dan total.Sudah sampai masanya perkhidmatan, peranan dan tanggungjawab polis juga di ‘review’ dan revamp’kan.Umpamanya tugas urusan trafik dan highway patrol keseluruhan nya diserahkan kepada agensi seperti JPJ supaya Polis dapat tumpu sepenuhnya kepada urusan jenayah.

Monday, April 7, 2008

7.Jaminan Tapak Rumah Kekal

Sebuah Akhbar tempatan berbahasa Melayu hari ini melaporkan bahawa Pemuda UMNO Perak semalam, melalui Ketuanya ,Zainol Padzi Paharuddin, yang juga ADUN Sungai Manik yang baru,bunyi macam tak berapa setuju dengan cadangan Kerajaan Negeri Perak nak bagi hakmilik kekal kepada pemilik-pemilik lot perumahan di kampung-kampung baru dan kampung-kampung tersusun di seluruh negeri Perak .Sebelum tu ada sorang Menteri dari MCA Perak pun bangkitkan perkara yang sama.

Alahai, takpalah kerajaan nak tolong rakyat.Bagus lah kalau kerajaan nak bantu rakyat dapat hakmilik kekal.

Wahai Pemuda UMNO dan Menteri MCA, Kenapa nak buat sibuk? Soal pokok disini adalah niat dan hasrat murni kerajaan negeri nak bagi rakyat senang. Kenapa nak persoal cara mana nak laksana pemberian?

Kan elok kalau sama-sam kenalpasti mana lagi kawasan yang rakyat tinggal dah lama tapi belum selesai masaalah hakmilik.

Sebelum diumumkan tentunya sudah ada siasatan rapi oleh pejabat Pegawai Daerah dan sokongan jabatan. Menteri Besar dan Jemaah Exco Perak termasuk Setiausaha Kerajaan Negeri tentu faham peraturan negeri dan Kanun Tanah Negara. Ada Penasihat Undang-undang Negeri Perak lagi untuk bagi nasihat.

Untuk kesejahteraan rakyat, tolong sokong dan bantu tak kiralah program tu untuk orang Melayu ke, Cina ke atau kaum India. yang penting semua kaum adalah rakyat Malaysia dan program untuk memartabatkan rakyat.

Kenalah sokong, dah nama pun wakil rakyat dan bukannya Tuan Rakyat.

Ada faham kah???

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