Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Jadual biasa 'fogging' dijalankan pada petang hari. Berbeza pagi ini.

Seawal jam 6.40 pagi sekumpulan pekerja Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri Perak telah bertungkus lumus membuat 'fogging' di sepanjang jalan di halaman rumah dan di belakang rumah. Jam 10.00 pagi pasukan kesihatan yang membuat pemeriksaan rumah ke rumah masih gigih bertugas.

Pegawai Kesihatan yang bertugas memaklumkan bahawa hari ini ada kes suspect denggi terbaru, katanya keluarga Hj Makmur di pangkal Persiaran Bukit Meru 10, Meru Heights, Ipoh. Wabak denggi yang menyerang kawasan perumahan kami lebih dua bulan lalu belum berjaya dibendung dan masih berleluasa.

Usaha Jabatan Kesihatan masih berjalan saban hari, penduduk-penduduk juga berusaha menjadikan kawasan rumah masing-masing bersih dan bebas nyamuk.

Masaalah yang belum selesai adalah lot-lot perumahan kosong terbiar dipenuhi lalang, rumah-rumah yang ditinggal kosong dipenuhi belukar.

Sampah-sampah kebun dari goyong royong anjuran Jabatan Kesihatan tempoh hari bersepah dibahu-bahu jalan belum dikutip lori-lori Majlis Tempatan.

Pokok-pokok hiasan di sepanjang beberapa  jalan berserabut tanpa urus dan daun-daun kering tidak disapu.

Jabatan Kesihatan tidak mampu selesaikan masaalah tersebut kerana bukan dalam bidang kuasa mereka. Maka wabak denggi tidak pasti boleh terus dihapuskan di kawasan kami.

Majlis Tempatan yang bertanggungjawab atas urusan pembersihan sampah dan menghantar notis kepada pemunya lot-lot kosong dan rumah kosong barangkali masih tidur dan pekerja-pekerja yang dihantar dilihat banyak rehat daripada bekerja…

Kepada majlis tempatan tersebut, teruskanlah gya cara kerja mu dan tidurmu seperti lagu ‘tidurlah wahai permaisuri’ dendangan P.Ramlee.

Nak tulis  surat aduan lagi kepada agensi tersebut barangkali dah tak lalu…

Nak harapkan Wakil Rakyat, alahai, kalau ada bau pilihanraya, mungkin timbullah bayangnya semula di kawasan ni...

Kepada kakitangan Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri Perak, sekalong penghargaan dirakamkan dan tahniah atas kerja kuat.  We salute you for your vigorous efforts. Kalau kerajaan nak bagi bonus, inilah jenis pekerja-pekerja yang layak.

Monday, October 25, 2010


Met my friend, Dato' Lat at the Surau this evening for the Maghrib prayers. Caught up  with him on his latest projects after the prayers... was informed that 'Kampong Boy' might not be able to be stage this year.

The project could hit the stage in March next year.

I told him, irrespective of the performance date, please keep me informed. Our family enjoys theatrical performances once in a while whenever we can spare the time together. The whole family except Muzill was at Istana Budaya recently to watch 'CUCI-CUCI' the Musical. Unfortunately we missed the date on the 'MAHATHIR'.

What a fantastic show 'CUCI-CUCI' turnout to be. The spontaneous dialogues was just hilarious and satirical...

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak, the Prime Minister of Malaysia officially declared Malacca as a developed state yesterday, precisely on 20/10/2010.   

Congratulations to all the past and present leaders of that small yet thriving state for the achievements of pushing a sleepy hollow place into a world tourist destination.

A lot of credit has been showered to the charisma and the vision of the present chief minister which I guessed is quite justified.

But I liken the development of a state to the athletic event of a relay race.  All the runners play their part to win.

The process of the development of Malacca I reckoned began during the time of chief ministership of Tan Sri Abdul Rahim Thamby Chik back in early eighties with full support of Tun Mahathir, the then Prime Minister of Malaysia. 

What a visionary leader and hands on manager he was.

He was very meticulous with financial results of departments and state agencies assessing the real performances, analysing the variances and getting the departments to buck up. He was full of ideas on moving the state forward with well executed tourism projects.

I know… because I served under him then in Malacca as the State Treasurer, entrusted with managing of the state funds over 17 departments, during the days when Ali Rastam (Dato Seri), the present Chief Minister, too was a departmental head.

 Back then, we already dare to produce a surplus annual budget for the state!

Malacca folks should be proud of their success despite the limitation of state resources.  

To me, the real architect for Malacca's achievements today is undoubtedly Tan Sri Rahim Thamby Chik who laid the foundation.

He was succeeded by Dato' Seri Mohd Ali Rastam, a fine builder who completed the development of Malacca in grand design.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Monday, October 18, 2010


The Ipoh Health Department staffs have been making their evening rounds smoking out mosquitoes almost every day ever since the dengue fever becomes endemic in our area. This evening is no exception.

Residents of Meru Heights, Ipoh have been the subject of attacks virus carrying Aedes mosquitoes since early August.

More than 20 cases of Dengue fever victims have since been admitted and the list has yet to stop.

Pointing fingers does not stop the Aedes mosquitoes from breeding and spreading the disease. Concerted efforts from Ipoh City Hall, all government agencies and all parties concerned including the residents are the only way to curtail and control the mosquitoes.

Hence the initiatives by the Health Department for doing the evening rounds and spearheading the gotong royong last Saturday was most commendable. Thank you Sirs…

Though not many residents turned up at the Community Hall last Saturday morning for the gotong royong, I guessed most of the residents did participate judging by the piles of garden refuse along the roadsides. They chose to stay back and clean up their own compound.

I just wished the Ipoh City Hall had sent the lorries to collect those piles of garden refuse which could be potential mosquitoes breeding grounds.

Clearly, the efforts of the Health Department are producing results as there are fewer mosquitoes in the area.

To Ipoh City Hall, please be more proactive. There are so much more you guys can act.

I acknowledged once in a while you people did visit us to produce compound tickets, gave us free samples of Abate and then fogging. We really appreciate those gestures. I reckon it takes much more than that to rid of the virus-carrying Aedes mosquitoes.

A couple of months ago, I wrote a long letter to the Mayor appealing for assistance to tidy up our area prompting some positive actions.

Thank you Mr. Mayor. 

Once again, I appeal to the good Mayor of Ipoh, do pay us a visit and witness the uncollected rubbish, the overgrown empty housing lots, the unkempt empty houses, the untidy construction sites, the rubbish dumps, the uncut grass along the clogged main drains and along the hill slopes. 

I know that you do care...and seeing is believing.

A breakfast or evening tea dialogue with the residents, Mr. Mayor would certainly be most welcome. Do bring along your officers and cleaning contractors just to make the dialogue more lively and fascinating.

God willing, together we can make this world a better place to live...

P/s (updated 19 Oct 2010 at 12.30p.m)

I saw  some workers cutting grass on both sides of the road in front of my house , Are they from Ipoh City Hall? Thanks anyway...





My mechanic called me on Saturday for an appointment to collect the cars for maintenance. My old Morris Minor has not hit the road for some time and the Nissan Frontier's battery is dead.

Come to think of it, my blog too has suffered a power failure. It's turning into a cobweb and thoroughly deserves its due maintenance.

There were many topics of interest of late that I could have written. Interesting topics ranging from peculiar Eid Mubarak's celebrations in Malaysia that lasted more than one whole month of Syawal, wedding receptions that followed practically every Saturdays and Sundays, the dengue fever that is still a cause of concern to our neighborhood, to the recent Malaysian budget that was announced by Dato' Seri Mohd Najib Razak, the Prime Minister last Friday. 

Still, the zeal to punch the keyboard for a decent and readable article was missing for one reason or another.

Try to select a novel or two from the pile purchased long ago to start reading but failed miserably after just a few pages.

No matter, I must snap out of this hibernation. Perhaps it is a good idea to revisit the currencies and stamps albums that are gathering dust.

Like the cars, I too need to recharge the battery fast and let the blog and I 'breathe' again…

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