Saturday, February 27, 2010


Popped into my friend's watch gallery a couple of days back only to meet my friendly neighbor, a state GLC CEO trying out a Breitling Super Ocean Heritage 46 in between one or two Omegas. 

There was also a JLC REVERSO 8 DAY POWER RESERVE on sight.

All those watches looked stunningly beautiful and unique in their own right. His preference apparently is a Rolex Turn O graph. Showed him my Turn O Graph, he confirmed that was the one he is keen on.  

Well, sometimes you are caught unaware that your friendly neighbor shares similar hobby. I knew all along that he is a keen photographer.  A keen watch collector... I don’t know ‘really because we had never engaged in any serious discussion on watches.

I left him to continue with his selection, perusing one timepiece after another while I wander around the gallery just to locate another piece for another story for the blog...or perhaps another new piece to add to the collections.

After nearly half an hour, he decided on an elegant Omega Seamaster. A wise choice indeed, whispered myself.

His parting statement to the gallery owner was “Locate another Rolex Turn O Graph and place in stock ready for my next visit.”

Delighted by his new customer and fellow collector, the gallery owner just nodded his head without the slightest clue when that next Rolex is going to roll into his gallery. 

After he left, it was my time to fiddle around with the Breitling , JLC and the Omega.

Never had a Breitling or a JLC before ...hmm, a very tempting proposition!

A simple message learnt from the brief neighbourly encounter is, spend a little more quality time with the neighbours. There are more interesting topics to talk than the boring street politics. You never know a vintage watch might just popped up during those talks.

Thought it might be interesting to display the Breitling Super Ocean Heritage 46, JLC Reverso 8 Day Power Reserve and the Omega Seamaster Professional Planet Ocean available at the gallery and share them with fellow collectors.

Further details, photographs and prices of those watches are displayed at 

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Once upon a time, Gopeng was a thriving mining town famed for its rich tin deposits. Many British tin mining companies with its British engineers and personnel donned the town. The wealth from tin turned Gopeng from a small kampong into a bristling township complete with a horse race course.

Today tin mining in Gopeng is dead and gone were the days of ‘mat sallehs’ and their listed companies. What remains are the memories and the rich histories of the tin mining days. The rich history that also includes the hobbies of the collections of items of yesteryears like wall clocks, wrist watches, old coins, vintage notes, vintage silverware, telecommunications equipments, pens and cigarette lighters.

To commemorate The World Heritage Day on the 18th April last year, Mr Bernard Yaw, Mr Phang See Kong and a few of their friends pooled their resources and efforts, together they assembled their collections and placed under one roof which they named ‘MUSEUM GOPENG’.

Located at 28, Eu Kong Street, the main street of Gopeng town, tucked in between a sweepstakes shop and a medical clinic, the shop lot-turned museum is holding a month long exhibitions of vintage clocks and watches. A splendid array of 97 grandfathers’ clocks, 46 mantelpieces, 28 alarm clocks, assortments of wrist watches, pens, cigarette lighters, photos of important events and personalities of Gopeng history are on display.

Many units of wall clocks with famous German brands of Mauthe, Junghans, Wehrle and Kienzle dating back 100 years ago displayed are still in marvellous condition.

I’m very impressed with many exhibits especially the moon -faced clock and the clock that carry the 31 day calendar. Not so sure where the brands originated though the labels at the museum did indicate that the brand is from USA.

A total of ten wall clocks donated by Mr. Wong Kuan Cheong, the Museum Treasurer, are also available for purchase at RM388 each. All sales proceeds of those clocks go to charity. Incidentally, most of the clocks and watches on exhibit are from Mr. Wong private collections.

The month long exhibition ending 16 March 2010 is without any entrance free.

Two hours at the exhibition seemed such a short time and I definitely recommend that all vintage clock and watch lovers, NOT to give the exhibition, a miss. After all, it’s only an hour and forty minutes drive by the North-South (PLUS) Highway from Kuala Lumpur northbound to Gopeng or from Penang southbound either way. Exiting at the Gopeng interchange, proceed straight till you reach the first traffic light. Take a right turn at that traffic light, proceed 1 km straight further at the second, third and fourth traffic light, thereby straight on for another 400 metres before turning right into Eu Kong Street. The museum is on the right 450 metres straight on from that junction.

For GPS users, the museum is on N 04⁰ 28.433’ E101⁰ 9.997’ coordinates.

The museum committee is planning on organising some programmes which includes vintage cars parade around Gopeng town on its first anniversary. Vintage cars owners please take note, your participations are much appreciated !

Mr Phang, the ever smiling museum curator, available at 05-3597828, would be too happy to entertain all friendly visitors to the museum and entertain any query regarding the proposed anniversary itinerary.

Monday, February 15, 2010


Sometimes, a casual visit to a watch gallery could end up being an expensive trip.

I was at a watch gallery recently identifying possible gifts for a friend to choose as a present. We were practically spoilt for choice by the many models available. The swelled crowd due to the festive season did not deter us spending time browsing and perusing the various available brands and models one after the other.

After identifying two choices for the possible present from the many Frederique Constant models displayed, the attention was then focussed on one particular Frederique Constant model that the eyes were somewhat attracted to.

Model FC-303X6B4 with its 43 mm diameter and a rose gold finishing case, a cream coloured dial and clear caseback was just mesmerising. Though the dial looked rather large, just could not resist the temptation of having the watch on the wrist. The moment it was placed on the wrist, it kind of grooved and felt fittingly at ease.

This automatic model with an FC 303 movement carries a clear dial with a date display at 3 o’clock and fitted with a genuine brown crococalf leather strap and a matching FC buckle.

The simple solution then was just to let it stay on the wrist and bring it home as a Chinese New Year’s self-present albeit a very much lighter wallet in the pocket and an out of budget expenditure...again.

This FC piece has since become my favourite least till my next new piece!

Clear Vision Automatic

Reference: FC-303X6B4


1. Caliber FC-303

2. Alternances 28,800 / h

3. Jewels

4. Winding Automatic

5. Power Reserve: 42 hrs

Features: Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Date


1. Materials: Stainless steel 10 M rose gold plated

2. Glass: Sapphire glass

3. Crown: 2-O-Rings

4. Water-Resistant: 60 meters

5. Diameter : 43 mm

6. Height : 10 mm

Deep Brown Croco calf leather strap 20 x 18 mm

Sunday, February 14, 2010


To all the Chinese Malaysians and all visitors to this blog celebrating the Chinese New Year, we wish all of you a very happy and prosperous new year.

Kepada semua rakyat Malaysia keturunan Cina dan kepada semua pelawat blog yang merayakan tahun baru Cina, diucapkan SELAMAT MENYAMBUT TAHUN BARU. Semoga tahun mendatang membawa kemakmuran dan keamanan kepada kita semua.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010


A friend of mine requested for some suggestions of items fitting for a farewell gift. One of his staff is leaving his company to assume another job assignment closer to the home town.

Being a watch enthusiast, the obvious suggestion would definitely be a package of decent wrist watches as a parting gift.

Two sets of watches from the house of Frederique Constant were selected for him to choose.

Set A contains an automatic watch reference no. FC 220SW4S5 with a white dial fitted with a black leather strap reasonably price at RM 2595 before discount.

A silver coloured roller ball pen 'CARAN d ACHE' complemented the watch.

The elegant set is placed in a wooden lacquered box that can be engraved.

Set B with reference code: FC 220SW4S6 comes in a similar lacquered shining brown wooden box containing an ultra thin gold coloured quartz watch fitted with a genuine brown leather strap complemented by a matching gold coloured 'CARAN d ACHE' roller ball pen.

The set is quoted at RM2895 before discount.

A right choice would definitely make an everlasting memory to someone...

Friday, February 5, 2010


Kelab Bakti Gunung Keledang telah melancarkan satu aktiviti baru iaitu mengagihkan bungkusan makanan percuma serta mengadakan pemeriksaan kesihatan percuma pada petang hari Rabu 03 Februari lalu. Aktiviti dilaksanakan di luar pekarangan Masjid Panglima Kinta ( Masjid Tengah) Ipoh, Perak .

Aktiviti ini akan dilaksanakan secara berterusan hari Rabu jam 5.00- 6.00 petang setiap minggu sepanjang tahun 2010. Kumpulan sasaran adalah mereka yang tiada tempat tinggal, golongan melarat, pengemis dan golongan fakir miskin di sekitar Bandaraya Ipoh.

Pemeriksaan kesihatan juga diberikan kepada pemandu-pemandu teksi.

Turut serta adalah Keledang Ladies yang mengagihkan bungkusan makanan.

Pemeriksaan kesihatan dijalankan oleh Sdr Dr Zakaria, Presiden Kelab, dan Sdr Dr Murshid, Ketua Biro Pelajaran .

Sdr Dato Azmi, ketua Biro Kebajikan yang kelihatan amat gembira dengan sambutan yang sungguh menggalakkan bercadang meningkatkan peruntukan di minggu-minggu akan datang.

Semoga program murni ini dapat terus dipertingkatkan sepanjang tahun ini dan tahun-tahun berikut.


Last Wednesday, Keledang Club launched its maiden project of giving free meals to street and homeless people, the poor and beggars in the Ipoh City.

Free medical screenings were also extended to City taxi drivers.

The area near the taxi stand next to the Panglima Kinta Mosque, Ipoh, Perak was chosen to be the permanent site for free meals distribution and free medical screenings on Wednesday afternoon from 5.00 pm to 6.00 pm every week.

Keledang Ladies were seen at the site providing their helping hands in the meals distribution.

Bro. Dr Zakaria, the Club President and Bro. Dr Murshid, the Education Bureau Head were on hand to conduct the basic medical screenings.

The overwhelming response from the targeted group drew a pledge to increase allocations in subsequent weeks from Bro Dato Azmi, the Club's Welfare Bureau Head.

This program will be a permanent Wednesday afternoon feature at the specified venue throughout the year of 2010.

To those who happen to read this report, please spread this great news across the Ipoh City.

Monday, February 1, 2010


The Federal Territories of Kuala Lumpur, Labuan and Putrajaya is celebrating the Federal Territory's day today. The 1st of February of every year since 1974 was earmarked as the Federal Territory's day ever since an area covering 244 sq. km of Kuala Lumpur City was carved out of the state of Selangor to form the first parcel of the three regions of Federal Territories on that date.

Kuala Lumpur, a mining town founded in 1890 was conferred the city status in 1972 before it became a Federal territory. Bank Negara Malaysia issued a commemorative coin to commemorate the event.

Subsequently, to celebrate the occasion of 100 years of Kuala Lumpur establishment, another commemorative coin was released by Bank Negara Malaysia in 1990.

Labuan Island was later approved by the Sabah state government to become the second region of the Federal Territory in 1984.

Putrajaya, the new Malaysian administrative capital, named after the first Malaysian premier, Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra was officially added as the third and final region of the Federal Territory in 2001 during the premiership of Tun Dr Mahathir, the architect of Putrajaya and the great visionary Malaysian leader.

To all the Federal Territories folks, have a nice day and thank you for keeping your beautiful environment clean, fresh and green.

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