Thursday, December 31, 2009

253. Ingersoll Pennsylvania Limited Edition Watch

American brothers, Robert and Charles Ingersoll are famous in the watchmaking world for hitting many firsts and developing innovative designs that were affordable for the man on the street.

They developed their automated production process for wristwatches in 1892 and Ingersoll is now one of the oldest American watch brand.

Ingersoll is famed for the “Dollar Watch”. Costing a dollar, or a day's pay back then, this watch became known around the world. It acquired the name “Yankee” and made the Ingersoll brothers well-known.

These days, the Ingersoll quality timepieces are still retail at very affordable prices. Elegant designs, contemporary looks and reliability remained as the signature of this popular brand.

One of the limited editions model released in 2009 is the Pennsylvania range. At less than two grands, this rose gold, sapphire-fitted crown, dual time sub dials, 45 jewel automatic, sophisticated and complicated watch with seven hands on its dial can easily rolled into any collectors inventory.

I reckon once in a while, a timepiece with a little complication would be fun to wear.


Model: IN4403RWH from the Pennsylvania Range
High Quality 45 Jewel Automatic 'Battery-Free' Movement
Rose Gold Stainless Steel Case
Circular Dial
White Dial
Dual Time Sub Dials
Time Zone 1 Sub Dial features Rose Gold Hands & Numerical Hour Markers
Time Zone 2 Sub Dial features Metallic Blue Hands & Roman Numeral Hour Markers
Black Minute Markers
Metallic Blue Seconds Hand
Power Indicator with Metallic Blue Hand
Retrograde Date Display with Metallic Blue Hand
Stainless Steel Caseback
Screw Down Caseback
'Skeleton' Movement Window in Caseback
3 ATM / 30m Water Resistant
Genuine Brown Leather Strap
7 Hole Adjustable Strap
Rose Gold Stainless Steel Deployment Clasp
Prominent Branding on Dial, Case back, Clasp & Strap
Presentation Box
Instruction Manual
12 Month Manufacturers Guarantee

Retail price:RM1420/USD 405 before discount


Strap Length: 240mm
Strap Width: 19mm
Face Diameter: 45mm
Face Depth: 14mm
Weight: 110g


Much has been written on the Seiko history, Seiko models, Seiko Museum and Seiko tradition of fine Japanese watch making. Seiko, the official timekeeper for two summer Olympiads and three winter Olympiads must have produced thousands of fine models throughout its 128 years of existence.

This write up highlights the model that was produced as a result of collaboration between Seiko and Honda, each a giant in their own line of industry. Honda, as widely reported has withdrawn from the F1 Grand Prix effective 2010 season. That makes this limited edition model more prominent and a must -own time piece to watch collectors, particularly the Seiko collectors.

Retailed at RM19,818.00/USD5,662.00 before discount, one unit is still available at an Ipoh watch gallery awaiting the right collector to bring it home.

It’s elegant, solid and quite heavy . This beautifully hand crafted time piece is a sheer joy just to feel and touch, what more to own it and have it on the wrist once in a while.

The price might be a bit stiff but I reckon in time to come, it’ll be a very prudent investment.



* Chronograph up to 12 hours in 1/10 second increments

*Stainless Steel Case/Hard Coating

*100m Water Resistant

*Curved Sapphire Crystal Glass

*Three Fold Clasp with Push Button Release

*See through Case back

*Separate Display of all Functions

*Duration of Full Charge: approximately 1 month

*Limited Edition of 750

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


If you’re looking for a pair of simple, cool, trendy, and inexpensive wrist watches, look no further.

Kenneth Cole line of quartz watches is offering the Reaction Collection at a bargain of less than a grand for a pair. The stainless steel case is fitted with matching black leather strap and is super light.

Spend your loose change and treat yourself and your lady with this pair of Kenneth Cole and see how elegant the pair of watches fit the wrists especially for office wear.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Today is her big day. Big enough to vote in an election and big enough to be voted in as a wakil rakyat. Well, macam la dia suka sangat politik nie...

Back to the hunt for the right watch, after locking in Tissot, the hunt for DKNY continues...

With the elusive DKNY finally bagged, she made one big decision today. She elected to wear one watch on each wrist. A Tissot and a DKNY secured today on her day of maturity age.




Took time off today to be with my youngest daughter,ILI, for a little shopping. Walked into a number of watch boutiques, watch galleries and watch shops at the Mid Valley, Megamall, going through various brands and models.

Corum, Ball, Bell and Ross, Frederick Constance, Haurex, Tag Heuer, D&G, Seiko, CK, Fossil, Cerutti, Edox and many others. There were so many models with lots of interesting variations. Most of them anyway are dress watches and very suitable for adults. Nothing much for generation Y to choose.

So, we just walked away after trying out quite a number. Going in and coming out of so many shops without securing a catch seemed labourious and bordering boredom.

Ili kind of gave up until we spotted the Tissot Gallery. A smiling young lady greeted us at the entrance. Something interesting about the lady attracted our attention. Yes, she was wearing two watches, one on each wrist. As soon as we stepped in, we spotted another young man wearing similar uniform also with two watches.

Curiosity took the better of us. Instead of asking the models available, I straight way asked about the two-watches situation. With a giggle, Rei, the young lady explained that it was company's policy for staff to adorn personal watch plus the Tissot model supplied by the company.

Ok, I guess that’s good marketing and promotion strategy. Proceeded to glance through a few models and after much deliberations, Ili managed to zero in one model good enough for her to say yes and for me to part with a few bucks.

Still, I’m convinced that this is not her real choice. She did say later that she wanted to see some DKNY models.

No matter, the sight of Rei and her partner adorning two watches each lingers on our minds as we walked out of the gallery...


Received this super slim watch some years back. Could not remember the exact date but it was a very nice gesture from my son. I have always like Enicar models what more if it is light and easy. Kind of cool and hip.

The present was really a surprise because he was in his third month of working. With his miserable pay as an audit assistant, he must have been tightening his belt really hard to afford the purchase. No wonder he always came back from work...hungry!

I only wear this watch for special occasion. Could not bear thinking what my son has gone through just to please me...a touching gesture indeed.


Movement : Quartz

Functions: Hour/ Minute

Case: Stainless steel w/ sapphire crystal

Strap: Stainless steel

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Bought this Oris Artelier back in July at a shopping mall during one of those window shopping trips.
The big crown and the clean dial attracted my attention. Since I've never had any Oris watches before, I guessed parting with a few quids wouldn't do any harm just to add another brand to the collections . The only time this pretty watch adorned my wrist was on the very day of purchase. Since then it has remained quiet in the box till the photo session for this posting.

Oris watches was established by Paul Cattin and Georges Christian in Holstein, Switzerland in 1904. The brand has made countless breakthrough in the rich tradition of Swiss watch making.


Silver Guilloche Dial

- Self Winding Automatic Movement

- Exhibition Case Back

- Polished with Brushed Steel Case & Bracelet

- Scratch Resistant Sapphire Crystal

- 30 Meters / 100 Feet Water Resistant

- 40mm = 1 1/2" Case,

-7" Adjustable Bracelet

- Deployment Buckle

With original box, warranty and certificate


The fatal accident that killed 10 passengers at 1.00 am on Saturday morning was front page news today on most national newspapers. The horrific express bus accident happened on North South Highway at the 272 KM just about 8km away from the Jelapang Ipoh Plaza northbound. I recalled this is the worst accident ever happened along that stretch since the toll operator upgraded that dreaded and eerie Jelapang stretch.

We offer our condolences and prayers to the families of the victims. Much has been said about the conditions of the express buses plying the highways and the conditions of drivers driving those buses. Much has also been said by the minister in charge and the relevant authorities but nothing much really has been done to address the issue of fatigue bus drivers.

It is high time the authorities seriously address the issue of errant drivers of express buses and their physical conditions, their working conditions and remunerations. In fact the whole system of long haul bus operations stinks and needs immediate total revamp!

Only late last month we lost two good friends in another tragic accident along East West Highway near Banding, Gerik on the way to Kota Bharu for their daughter's wedding reception. Their car was rammed by a car coming from the opposite direction.

Malaysia just cannot afford to continue losing innocent lives through accidents like these.

Thursday, December 24, 2009


The Hijriah year of 1430 has passed. There are too many memories to spell out. Good and bad, sweet and sour, all stored at the back of my mind for guidance and reference in time to come. As one grows older, people say one tends to get wiser. Well, it all depends on how well one managed to spend time accumulating knowledge and positive experience.

I'm blessed with having a pair of wonderful parents. Patient, compassionate, kind, generous, gorgeous, hard working and above all ever willing at all times to lend their ears in times of needs especially my mom.

I know that at times I've been a little snobbish, a bit playful, a little careless, a bit impatient and slightly stubborn.

I'll address to whatever little flaws I have and strive to be a better person.

For all the wonderful things and the good times we had together throughout the years, for all the guidance and advices, for all the marvellous food you've have placed on the table and for the cosy room you set for me without a fee, please accept this small gift...

A timepiece I picked up for a good cause. Leonard, the time piece reminds me of one of the greatest inventor, painter, scientist, mathematician and sculptor, Leonardo Da Vinci.

This is for you, just a simple gesture of love and isn't much but it carries my sincerest gratitude...




Monday, December 21, 2009

244.MAURICE LACROIX Masterpiece Squelette

Unique, gorgeous, elegant, magnificent...just couldn’t find the right word to describe this creation from Maurice Lacroix...and just couldn’t resist looking, gazing and admiring the continuously rotating components neatly intertwined making the flow of power so smooth and fascinating.

Looking at the time piece movement is as if you’re looking at your heart beating and the internal organs pounding.

I had the opportunity to sight many new Maurice Lacroix creations of 2009 displayed at my father’s friend watch gallery upon his invitation, with the knowledge that an extremely generous discount subject to certain terms are available for all Maurice Lacroix during this Christmas Sales Campaign.

The Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Squelette stands out like a beacon among the models displayed. The word Squelette stands for skeleton in French I was told.

The Masterpiece Squelette unites a contemporary, innovative design with the new skeleton manufacture movement ML 134, which represents the very best of the Swiss watchmaker’s art and fascinates with an innovative decoration.

Connoisseurs of the traditional art of mechanical watch making are, above all, fascinated by the inner life of their watch.

This insatiable curiosity is largely satisfied by the sapphire crystal case back – a feature of every model in the exclusive Masterpiece Collection by Maurice Lacroix. However, the rotation of the wheels as well as the flow of power from the spring to the balance wheel are often hidden from view, the winding and hand-setting mechanisms being concealed by the dial.

All said and sight, after another long close look and a good fiddling in the palm and on the wrist, shuffling the figures on the calculator, this Masterpiece Squelette just had to be taken home for it was too good to be given a miss even if it means I have to part with so many pieces in the collections.

The price tag of a brand new one before discount is RM29,300.00/ USD 8,371.00 only.


Case Thickness: 13mm

Lug Width: 21mm

Closure: Pin Buckle

Warranty: 2-year

Water Resistance: 5 ATM/50M/165 F

Colour: Skeleton Dial

Case Material: Stainless Steel

Case Diameter: 43 mm

Case Finish: Brushed and Polished

Crystal: Anti-Reflective Sapphire

Band: Crocodile Strap

Luminosity: Hands

Caseback: Sapphire Crystal Exhibition

Movement: Manual Wind Mechanical


Sunday, December 20, 2009


Saya teringat kata-kata nasihat daripada Tun Dr Mahathir semasa rombongan Kelab Keledang mengunjungi beliau di pejabatnya di Kompleks Yayasan Albukhari bersebelahan Masjid Negara, Kuala Lumpur pada hari Jumaat 02 Oktober lalu.

Kata Tun, rakyat terutama orang-orang Melayu kena berani tegur pemimpin supaya pemimpin sentiasa ingat rakyat dan buat kerja yang betul. Tambahnya lagi, Orang-orang Melayu hari ini dah jadi penakut, takut sangat menegur pemimpin walau pun ada ketika pemimpin agak alpa dalam membela rakyat. Sebab itu orang Melayu kena cari ruang melalui NGO kerana saluran politik ada ketika tersangkut dan tersumbat.

Ada wakil rakyat yang berjanji seribu macam tapi bila dah jadi menteri nak selesai masaalah gerai kampong pun ambik masa berkurun.

Saya berpendapat semua kalangan rakyat perlu menyertai NGO atau organisasi bukan kerajaan/ badan sukarela untuk bersuara memberi pandangan bernas agar pemimpin lebih peka kehendak dan keperluan rakyat. Biar pemimpin buka telinga dan celik mata sentiasa sensitif atas masaalah dan keperitan rakyat.

Akhbar hari ini melaporkan Tan Sri Sanusi Junid juga menasihatkan supaya orang-orang Melayu menggunakan saluran NGO untuk menengahkan masaalah rakyat kepada pemimpin melalui NGO.

Tan Sri Sanusi juga pernah dijemput Kelab Keledang selepas pertemuan kami dengan Tun Mahathir untuk memberi ceramah kepada ahli-ahli kelab tentang pengalaman beliau dalam politik dan perjuangan beliau untuk menaikkan taraf hidup rakyat.

Saya masih ingat idea bernasnya memasarkan kelapa muda semasa beliau menjadi Menteri Pertanian dulu. Kalau dulu kelapa tua bersepah bawah pokok tapi hari ini harga kelapa muda mencecahkan RM3.00 sebiji. Penanam dan penjual kelapa daripada semua bangsa dapat nikmat. Begitulah berjayanya idea yang beliau lontar dan laksanakan. Mudah tapi amat berkesan.

Bagi saya, kedua-dua pemimpin besar ini adalah pejuang bangsa tulen sentiasa mencari jalan untuk mengutamakan rakyat walau pun kini sudah tiada apa-apa kepentingan dan keperluan. 

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Baru sehari dua kita melangkah ke tahun Hijriah 1431 sementara tahun Masihi 2009 masih berbaki 12 hari.

Kelab Bakti Gunung Keledang sekali lagi berdepan dengan tugas berat memilih presiden baru menerajui kelab untuk tahun baru.

Alhamdulillah tahun ini pemilihan presiden berjalan lancar. Ramai ahli sudi tampil ke depan menerima tanggungjawab dan amanah. Barisan pimpinan diatur cantik dengan kebijaksanaan dan nasihat daripada 'Council of Elders'.

Barisan kepimpinan kelab bagi tahun 2010 akan diketuai oleh Sdr Dr Hj Zakaria Abdul Kadir selaku Presiden dan Sdr Razali Khalid selaku naib Presiden. Barisan ahli jawatankuasa terdiri dari Sdr Dato' Ishak Haji Mohamad, Sdr Dato' Azmi Othman, Sdr Hj Mustapha Mohamad, Sdr Megat Shaarani, Sdr Muzill Dato' Mansor, Sdr Dr Murshid dan Sdr Ir Khairul Anwar Dato' Masud selaku bekas presiden terakhir.

Sdr Dr Zakaria, 48 tahun, adalah seorang pakar neurologist yang tersohor, Hospital Pakar Ipoh, Perak. Beliau bukan saja pakar di bidang perubatan malah tinggi ilmu agamanya hingga layak diangkat sebagai salah seorang imam di surau Taman Golf, kawasan kediaman beliau. Isterinya, Puan Hanita Mohd Anas adalah graduan Actuarial Science.

Inilah antara kekuatan sebenar Kelab Bakti Gunung Keledang. Walau pun keahlian kelab kini cuma 72 orang professional tetapi para isteri dan anak-anak yang terdiri daripada kalangan professional juga komited membantu menjayakan kerja-kerja amal dan kemasyarakatan atas nama Islam.

Kelab Keledang yang telah bertahan dan terus berkembang selama 33 tahun mempunyai ahli kelab seusia emas 87 tahun hingga yang terbaru dan termuda seusia 27 tahun melangkaui 4 generasi semuanya juga komited bergerak bagaikan satu keluarga besar mencari ruang menabur amal bakti kepada masyarakat dengan dana sendiri, tak pernah menagih bantuan daripada mana-mana pihak.

Malam tadi, bertempat di Hotel Impiana, Ipoh berlangsunglah Istiadat Pemasyhuran Presiden dan majlis makan malam serta hiburan disaksikan oleh DYTM Raja Muda Perak, Raja Dr Nazrin Shah selaku Patron kelab dan Raja Puan Muda, Raja Zara Salim.

Majlis malam tadi turut mencatat satu sejarah baru apabila dilaksanakan sempena menyambut Maal Hijriah. Sesuai sangat dengan komitmen Presiden baru untuk memperbanyakkan aktiviti dakwah Islamiah.

Tahniah kepada Sdr Ir Khairul Anwar yang amat berjaya menjalankan tugas sebagai Presiden Kelab bagi tahun 2009. Syukur kerana Allah swt telah memberikan kekuatan kepada beliau dan Dr Sharina, isterinya serta keluarga hingga mampu melaksanakan begitu banyak aktiviti meliputi semua kaum pada tahun 2009.

Tahniah kepada Dr Zakaria dan barisan AJKnya yang sudi menerima amanah dan tanggungjawab untuk memimpin kelab bagi tahun 2010.

Sekalung penghargaan kepada Keledang Ladies dan Keledang Kids yang sekali lagi berjaya membuat persembahan yang mempesonakan semua tetamu termasuk Tetamu Diraja malam tadi.

Difahamkan Tuanku berdua amat berpuas hati dengan acara-acara yang dipersembahkan.

Sememangnya Tuanku Raja Muda tidak pernah gagal menghadiri majlis pemasyhuran presiden sejak kelab ditubuhkan. Begitulah tingginya komitmen baginda terhadap Kelab Bakti Gunung Keledang, satu-satunya kelab professional Melayu Perak yang berjuang untuk program amal bakti dan kemasyarakatan dan berjaya menghasilkan ramai pemimpin politik termasuk 2 orang menteri besar Perak, 2 orang Speaker Dewan Undangan Negeri Perak, timbalan menteri, setiausaha politik, pemimpin koperat dan pemimpin masyarakat di negeri Perak.

Tuanku berdua kelihatan meluangkan masa beramah mesra dengan Keledang kids sebelum berangkat.

Tuanku sempat juga memberi pesanan kepada Presiden baru, Sdr. Dr. Zakaria sebelum beredar meninggal seribu kenangan buat kami warga Keledang. 

SYABAS SEMUA tapi jangan lupa tugas tahun depan banyak menanti weh!

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