Monday, January 31, 2011


Limau tambun adalah antara buahan yang menjadi buruan kaum Tionghua di Perak lebih-lebih lagi pada tahun baru.

Malah ramai juga orang Melayu yang membeli limau tambun untuk dihadiahkan kepada rakan-rakan kaum Tionghua yang menyambut tahun baru.

Menjelang tahun baru Cina tahun ini, tinjauan rambang mendapati kebanyakan gerai yang menjual limau tambun disepanjang Jalan Dr Raja Nazrin Shah, Ipoh berhadapan Hotel Hilcity mendapati jualan limau tambun meningkat dengan banyaknya.

Mengikut Puan Loo Nyee Moi, pemilik gerai no. 16, jualan harian dua jenis limau tambun iaitu yang masam manis dan yang manis meningkat berganda. Harga runcit adalah antara RM10 sebiji hingga RM 35 sebiji. Masih ada ruang selesa untuk tawar menawar jika membeli lebih dari sebiji. Jika anda bijak menawar, potensi untuk dapat diskaun sehingga 20% amat cerah.

Buah-buah limau yang dijual adalah buah-buah segar dan baru dituai daripada ladang-ladang dilereng bukit dan lembah di sekitar kawasan Tambun.

Kepada semua rakan-rakan Tionghua yang akan menyambut tahun baru, diucapkan "SELAMAT TAHUN BARU. SEMOGA TAHUN BARU AKAN MEMBAWA LEBIH KEMAKMURAN."

Sunday, January 30, 2011


iPOH (MALAYSIA):The Ipoh City Council has decided to pay tribute to the “original Kampung Boy” - cartoonist Datuk Mohd Nor Khalid, better known as Lat, who grew up in Kota Baru, on the outskirt of the city.

Mayor Datuk Roshidi Hashim said “Galleri Kartunis Lat” would be promoted as one of the city’s 10 icons but declined to reveal the location of the gallery except to say that it would be run by a non-governmental organisation.

“We chose Datuk Lat for his overwhelming contribution to the growth of the cartoon industry and in making Kampung Boy one of the most loved characters worldwide,” he said.

Speaking to reporters after chairing the Ipoh Council’s full board meeting here yesterday, Roshidi said it would give its full support to the NGO to ensure that the project takes off.

Roshidi said the council would leave it to Lat to decide if he wanted to put his drawings of Kampung Boy in the gallery.

“It (Kampung Boy) is after all his right,” he said.

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Saturday, January 22, 2011


IPOH (MALAYSIA) : Perak will focus on agriculture and resources, tourism, renewable energy, education. marine, shipbuilding and heavy industries sectors to boost its economy under the Economic Transformation Programme.

Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir said Perak's strengths were in its natural resources - minerals for mining activities, abundance of agriculture land and biodiversity for tourism.

“Currently, most of the related economic activities are skewed towards the lower end of the value chain, hence limiting the potential returns that Perak can reap from these resources,” Zambry pointed out.

Moving forward, Perak will look into the overall value chain and identify higher value-added activities for the local players to start venturing into.

Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir hopes the Federal Government will allow Perak to set up its own low-cost carrier terminal in the northern part of the state.

At the same time, the tourism sector will be strengthened by improving the existing products and forming a thematic tourism circuit.

Zambry planned to create an additional 10,000 jobs annually with more emphasis on skilled and semi-skilled human capital.

“We understand that the bulk of the demand for the manpower in Perak will still be on unskilled labour,” he said

During an interview with StarBizWeek, Zambry announced a few developments that were taking shape in the state.

The Perak Innovation & Creative Resource Centre (Pincer) is collaborating with Spacetoon International to launch its box office 3-D movie Mentera some time in August.

Costing some RM20mil, Pincer marks the state's foray into creative content. The centre will not only become an animation centre, but will also be involved in merchandising.

For its joint venture with Spacetoon, it has pumped in some RM8mil for the production of Mentera.

“We have been working together for three years. It was a long and painful exercise to convince them to come. But now we are in the post-production stage. We believe that returns will be forthcoming,” he said.

Zambry added that one of Perak's NKRA was for the development of information technology, which will be carried out through animation.

“We have identified creative content as a way to stop some of the migration of talent overseas. We are initiating more strategies to get these talent back,” he said.

Pincer is located behind the Perak Techno Trade Centre in Taman Meru, Jelapang near Ipoh.

Zambry said initial discussions with the Federal Government for Perak to set up its own low-cost carrier terminal (LCCT) in the northern part of the state has taken place.

“We hope the Government will give it due consideration. The site is expected to take up 4,000 acres in the vicinity of Parit Buntar and Taiping, which is in the area of the Northern Corridor Economic Region.

The construction will likely cost half a billion ringgit, and it will be funded by the private sector,” he said.

Zambry, together with Perak Sultan Azlan Shah and Regent Raja Dr Nazrin Shah have formed a team to lobby for the LCCT.

He emphasised that the LCCT was not meant to compete with Penang, but would complement it.

Zambry said in five to eight years, the LCCT could possibly handle five million passengers a year.

This would bring about economic activity and make Taiping and Parit Buntar a new growth centre.

More colleges will be set up to boost growth and investment in the state.

“The Premier International Medical University will be set up in Perak and will be run privately by a group of companies. One of the companies involved is a leading firm in the education field,” said Zambry.

He said Perak had approved 60 acres of land to SEGI College to build a health services campus for a university college along the Ipoh-Lumut Expressway.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Kata Orang Kuala Kangsar, "Huh, tempat kami banyak betul ikan, baling aja kail... ikan pun magut."

Kata Orang Kampong Gajah, "Tempat kami lagi hebat, kuak aje ayo... nampak ikan."

Kata Orang Parit, "Itu takde herannye, tempat keme kuak ikan... Baru Nampak Ayo."

Ini cerite Orang Parit le…bukan cerite teman...hehe

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


The Perak government via Yayasan Bina Upaya Darul Ridzuan aims to create sustainable livelihoods for 40% of the state's population who currently live below the poverty line.

Perak has 2.6 million people, of whom 40% have a monthly income of below RM1,500. These people also have dependents. Right now, there are some 20,000 names registered under this category with Yayasan Bina Upaya.

This body has been mandated by the state to spend RM4mil per year to provide micro-financing to deserving recipients.

“Initiated last March, this scheme will give out loans ranging between RM1,000 and RM20,000 to qualified recipients,” said Yayasan Bina Upaya's Chief Executive, Khairul Azwan Dato' Harun Saruji.

So far, a total of RM 900,000 worth of interest-free financing have been given out to 125 recipients. Going forward, recipients not categorised as hard-core poor will be charged some interest.

In Malaysia, the overall poverty line stands at around 3%. Those categorised as hard-core poor earn below RM420 per month.

Under the e-Kasih programme, (a national database system to implement and monitor anti-poverty programmes), the 6,000 hard-core poor in Perak have now been “zerorised”.

“I have an accumulated amount of RM7mil for micro-financing, which I intend to fully utilise this year. We have to be very careful about giving out the money only to those who really need it. Right now, we give training to our recipients and also monitor their progress. They have to be reminded that they need to pay back the loans,” said Khairul.

He added that he had 100 trained volunteers throughout Perak who not only monitored the borrowers, but gave recommendations of people who truly needed these loans.

“The most important thing is to create sustainable livelihoods for the borrowers. Right now we provide support to the recipients. For instance, among the single mothers we have set up a flea market called Uptown Ladies Market' where there are some 50 traders who only consist of single mothers selling a wide range of unique products,” said Khairul.

He added that he often followed his volunteers to investigate the real situation of some of the potential recipients.

Recently he visited a family living in the outskirts of Bidor who were in dire needs. The mother was slightly disabled and could no longer work. The husband earned RM20 per day collecting and selling tapioca when it didn't rain. They had one school-going child and lived in a railway quarters.

The house was in very bad shape, with a leaking roof and no proper door. Electricity had already been cut, so they were using candles. Water came from a well which was a few hundred metres away, while firewood was used to cook.

“When I saw them, the mother was preparing her child for school. I saw only plain porridge in the pot. At that time, the father came back riding his bicycle and carrying his tapioca. After introducing himself, he pointed to his empty rice bin and started crying. He said they had not eaten properly in two days,” said Khairul.

“Although they were so poor, they were still so determined to send their child to school.”

Khairul immediately arranged for their electricity supply to be reconnected, Yayasan Bina Upaya also sponsored the repair of the house and a motorcycle for the husband.

“The ultimate aim is to increase the income and improve the lives of this 40% of people,” he said.

Extract from:The Star


Delighted with this long overdue program especially so, that it is being spearheaded by an organisation headed by an Anak Keledang...Hopefully the program covers the Orang Asli community.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


We are already in the 9th day of 2011 and the 4th day of Safar 1432. I've been deliberating on the topics to write as my first article of this year.

There are a few of interest especially the impact of price increases in many commodities on the public and the continuous floods that has and is hitting various regions in Malaysia. Mind you constant price increases poked huge holes in the pockets of the rakyat, yet the leaders we chose played safe by being mute and dump. I do know what I need to do to this kind of leaders come the next election. There is one stinking rubbish bin in my house ever ready…

nonetheless, the show must go on.

Last Wednesday, at the Perak Royal Golf Club, a new President presided the first meeting of our service club, KELAB BAKTI GUNUNG KELEDANG (Keledang Club) for this year.

Dato' Razali Khalid (DRK) was installed as the 2011 President of the Keledang Club on the 12th December 2010, 10.40p.m, witnessed by our club patron, the Raja Muda of Perak, DYTM Raja Dr Nazrin Shah ibni Sultan Azlan Muhibbuddin Shah, in a very colourful and blissful atmosphere.

DRK, who was the 2010 Vice President, ascended the presidency, taking over from the industrious Dr Zakaria Abdul Kadir who completed his office of one year.

In Keledang, it is customary for a member to hold the office of Presidency for only one year to facilitate the office of presidency to be rotated among the members.

Sdr Haji Megat Ahmad Shahrani, who was the 2010 Honorary Secreatary was elevated to the office of Vice Presidency.

In outlining his mission this year, the new President was very focus to move forward all the ongoing projects especially the club's two major project viz. THE RELIEF CENTRE FOR UNWED MOTHERS (additional building) at Ampang, Ipoh and THE YAYASAN KELEDANG ORPHANAGE HOME In Kampung Melayu, Ipoh.

With the streams of big funds rolling in from donors including from the Menteri Besar Perak who pledged RM100,000 and the Perak Islamic Religious Council who donated RM200,000, those building projects should be completed and ready for occupation by the third quarter of 2011.

Under the present difficult circumstances where we are facing social problems of gigantic nature, it is only right that we get together under the banner of NGO to help alleviate the problems by contributing in the positive manner.

Leaving all the problems to the government to resolve does not seem right. Quoting Tun Mahathir's words during our club's encounter with him some time back "NGOs have positive roles to contribute to the society..."

My mission for the year is to assist our club to mobilise more resources from all possible legal avenues so that more social projects can be undertaken by our Keledang club and through the club.

On this score, I humbly record my sincerest appreciation to a good friend and a fellow blogger, Tuan Syed Mohri Al-Idrus who was very sensitive to the needs of the orphans. One phone call to purchase ten watches from his special sales took a twist when he was told of the actual intention of those intended purchases. That phone call led to his direct contribution in the fund raising programs for our YAYASAN KELEDANG's new orphanage home.

Thank you, Sir. Looking forward to meeting you to deliberate our next course of actions.

Just ponder a minute on those little things that we can do to make Malaysia a better place for us and our brothers and sisters to live in…

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