Friday, April 9, 2010

282. FRANCK MULLER CASABLANCA : Master of Complications

Our first encounter with a Franck Muller was some time back in 2009 while doing window shopping in KL. A brand new Franck Muller Crazy Hour that was on the window display attracted our attention. That watch was simply magnificent, amazing and dazzling.

A quick glance on the price tag of whooping six digit RM though made us hesitant to push the entrance door. With a smile we just walked away for another day and another encounter.

The opportunity to have a second look at a Franck Muller Crazy Hour came sooner that expected. A month later we had a chance to look at a pre-owned Crazy Hour.

This time around we were quite ready and the five figure RM price tag was quite fair. It was a nice and cool watch. Still we gave a miss as we decided for a different watch that day.

Nevertheless the name of Franck Muller stuck and struck well in our mind as master designer of real exquisite and excellent timepieces.

Last week another Franck Muller reappeared on our radar screen. This time it was a Franck Muller Casablanca with an original brown leather strap complete with a beautiful box, manual and a warranty as displayed in this article.

The salmon pink clean dial with Arabic markers portrays simplicity in elegance. It is very light and very comfortable around the wrist, functions very well and still in immaculate condition.

A Frank Muller is always unique, slick and stylist. The first look itself drew our attention like a magnet.

Considering the impeccable condition it is in, this particular unit of original Casablanca is being offered in the market at an exceptionally reasonable price. It is simply stunning and very tempting...indeed.

Oh yes, it is a limited edition with the number clearly displayed on the case back as no.255.

Just a little bit on the history of Franck Muller for the benefit of quick reading. Franck Muller was born on 11th July 1958 to an Italian German parents in Switzerland. At 15, he joined the famous Geneva School of Watchmaking (French: Ecole d’ Horlogeriede Geneve).

Upon graduation in the early 1980s he began repairing top quality pocket watches. He became close to an independent watch maker, Sven Andersen and was tasked with the handling of Patek Philippe collections. While working on complicated timepieces, he became passionate with their mechanism and started to think about building his own workshop.

In 1984, Franck Muller designed his own Tourbillon wristwatch. Back then, few watchmakers were capable of creating such complicated timepieces apart from Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin. The list of private clients of Franck Muller continued to swell for new timepieces and his business prospered.

The house of Franck Muller opened in 1991 and his ultra complicated timepieces were instant hits in Europe and America. The phenomenal success of Franck Muller is legendary.

For those who are keen to know more on Franck Muller success story and his creations, information is available at www.

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