Friday, June 11, 2010


It was a long four years of waiting for the soccer fans all over the world and a long four years of competitions for the soccer nations to produce the 32 nations for the World Cup competition in South Africa.

History was created on this day when the World Cup competitions finally arrived on the shores of South Africa. FIFA could not have chosen a better host than South Africa judging by majestic stadiums constructed, the pains taken to spruce up the soccer cities and the beefing up of securities.

Oh, what a night it was. The Gala display on the night of official opening in such a magnificent modern stadium was pure exhilaration and breathtaking. There were cheerful dances and colourful dresses amid the rhymic beats and songs performed by local and international artists highlighted by the jets zooming above the stadium.

South Africa, the President, Nelson Mandela and the people of South Africa has indeed put their hearts and souls, trust and hope to prepare for this grand and joyous occasion. 

Let us pray that the South African soccer team orchestrates by Steven Pineear performs on the field as marvellous, clinical and magnificent as the ecstatic opening night.

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