Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Life is full of surprises. At times when you thought of giving a surprise to a friend instead you got one..It happened to me of recent.

It has been quite a while since I dropped by this old friend's shop. Thought of giving him a surprise visit just to say hello. So, one fine free morning, I drove down and dropped by his shop. As usual he was thrilled to bits at the sight of me entering his shop.

Being an antique dealer, his shop is full to the brim of vintage items from silverwares, copperwares, ornamentals, old stamps and first day covers, old and new currencies notes and coins, old woodcarvings, old radios and gramophones, old photographs and posters flooding even the floors...

We chatted and chatted while he got more excited impressing me with his latest conquests. I kind of notice one cheeky smile on his face... Excusing himself to the store, out he came back grinning widely placing a box on the table right in front of me.

" I saved them for you , Sir. I'm not much into this kind of things but I know you would love them " he said.

I opened the box carefully and steadily not knowing what to expect.

Wow, out came this lot of OLD CLOCKS of various models and sizes...Picking up and perusing them one at a time, I conclude that none is working yet some are in physically reasonably good condition and some are in fair condition. Altogether there are eleven valuable pieces but only nine seemed to have chances of resuscitation.
Perhaps they are originally destined for the junkyard until my friend saved them for me.

Gleefully I took them away after paying a token sum.

All the nine pieces are up and running pretty well albeit each with their own peculiarity...

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