Thursday, June 19, 2008


The first Malam Mesra of Kelab Bakti Gunung Keledang for 2008 was scheduled on 18 June at Clearwater Golf Club, Batu Gajah to celebrate our club’s 31st anniversary. It was supposed to be a normal anniversary celebration.

News that the VVIP for the night was to be none other that our youthful Perak Menteri Besar, Dato’ Seri Ir Mohamad Nizar bin Jamaludin, got around very fast. Result of which, members as far as from KL rushed back to Ipoh to be at the occasion. Guests from all walks of life swarmed the hall making a crowd of nearly 150 persons. Tan Sri Ahmad Azizuddin, our beloved grand member; The OBJ, Panglima Bukit Gantang ; ex-state secretaries; ex-PTG; ex-state assembly from UMNO; leaders of NGOs and businessmen managed to make time for the night.

Starting at 8.30 pm, the night was indeed a very memorable one. The dinner was sumptuous and the hall was filled with anxiety. One could feel the joy and excitement as the audience anticipated a good maiden speech from the MB at the club function. After all, Perak had never had an MB from PAS before.

After dinner the serious business of the night began with the ‘doa’ recited by a Past President, Haji Hamzah Ibrahim. Though stuttering, he managed to pull through. Guessed nervousness caught hold of him. It’s not very often one gets to recite the ‘doa’ in front of a distinguished guest as our MB who is known to be very conversant in Arabic.

Dato’ Azumu Tak, our Club President did pretty well to ‘usik-usik’ the MB especially with his ‘Jackpot Question’ when BN (Barang Naik) could take back the state.

Known for his multilingual talent, MB started his speech wishing the audience in Bahasa Melayu, English, Chinese, Tamil and Arabic. That really set the high tone rolling for the night. He said that it was by the grace of God and the wisdom of the Sultan of Perak that he assumed the post of the Menteri Besar of Perak.

During the recent election, DAP secured 18 seats, PKR obtained 7 seats and PAS captured 6 seats forming the majority coalition with the right to govern the state. PAS was unanimously accorded the MB’s position based on the State Constitution which required a Muslim to lead the government of the day. Hence, the PAS nominee, Ir Mohamad Nizar (not a Dato’ Seri then), became the tenth Menteri Besar of Perak under the unique political formula in Perak history, a twist of fate that changed the political landscape and the social fabrics in Malaysia.

How could anyone on Earth foresee such a situation where three different parties with different ideologies, different racial and religious backgrounds could manage to come together and formed a workable government, are still beyond anybody’s wildest dream.

MB summed it very well. IT IS FATE AND DESTINY. What binds the parties together is the common desire to seek Justice, Accountability and Transparency for the equitable well being of the rakyat.

Quoting several verses from the Quran and Hadiths from Rasullullah saw, Dato’ Seri Ir Nizar eloquently sent the message across to a captivated audience.

Q and A session was pretty hot and long with questions raised on the state government’s intention of giving out permanent titles to new villages and kampong tersusun; request for a permanent track for mat rempits; appointment of Ipoh Mayor; opening of new mines and even the role of Jews.

The fielded questions received decent replies from MB as a seasoned politician.

This young man sounds honest and sincere, seemed to have a clear vision to bring necessary changes for prosperity to the rakyat by creating new jobs and opportunities.

MB also announced that investment proposals amounting to billions of ringgit are coming through the pipeline for Perak.

Still, there are gigantic tasks ahead shaking the sombre status of Perak dulled by the tin mining collapse in the eighties, the sleeping SEDC and the uncooperative state BN who is now the state opposition. The road to success is indeed still long, winding and treacherous.

Let us hope that the government of the day set the right political, social and investment alignments in ushering glory again to Perak soon.

The night ended past midnight with the satisfied audience lining the hall corridor to bid goodbye to our VVIP.

Thank you Dato’ Seri and Datin Seri. May God bless you both and the family.


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