Saturday, February 27, 2010


Popped into my friend's watch gallery a couple of days back only to meet my friendly neighbor, a state GLC CEO trying out a Breitling Super Ocean Heritage 46 in between one or two Omegas. 

There was also a JLC REVERSO 8 DAY POWER RESERVE on sight.

All those watches looked stunningly beautiful and unique in their own right. His preference apparently is a Rolex Turn O graph. Showed him my Turn O Graph, he confirmed that was the one he is keen on.  

Well, sometimes you are caught unaware that your friendly neighbor shares similar hobby. I knew all along that he is a keen photographer.  A keen watch collector... I don’t know ‘really because we had never engaged in any serious discussion on watches.

I left him to continue with his selection, perusing one timepiece after another while I wander around the gallery just to locate another piece for another story for the blog...or perhaps another new piece to add to the collections.

After nearly half an hour, he decided on an elegant Omega Seamaster. A wise choice indeed, whispered myself.

His parting statement to the gallery owner was “Locate another Rolex Turn O Graph and place in stock ready for my next visit.”

Delighted by his new customer and fellow collector, the gallery owner just nodded his head without the slightest clue when that next Rolex is going to roll into his gallery. 

After he left, it was my time to fiddle around with the Breitling , JLC and the Omega.

Never had a Breitling or a JLC before ...hmm, a very tempting proposition!

A simple message learnt from the brief neighbourly encounter is, spend a little more quality time with the neighbours. There are more interesting topics to talk than the boring street politics. You never know a vintage watch might just popped up during those talks.

Thought it might be interesting to display the Breitling Super Ocean Heritage 46, JLC Reverso 8 Day Power Reserve and the Omega Seamaster Professional Planet Ocean available at the gallery and share them with fellow collectors.

Further details, photographs and prices of those watches are displayed at 

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