Saturday, May 1, 2010


Birthdays and wedding anniversaries are special occasions and moments to remember and cherish in life. Bouquets of flowers would reignite the sparks of those best moments but special gifts would definitely provide the icings.

Choosing the suitable and appropriate gifts for your lady is however a daunting task. Much depend on her preference. If wrist watches are the choice, you need to deliberate and decide between automatic, mechanical, kinetic or quartz.

As a start I have picked an all ceramic elegant RADO JUBILE' which is suitable for all occasions as the prime choice.

A designer's or fashion watch like ALAIN DELON or CERUTTI would be a good option.

For Swiss watch lovers, cute and cool automatic Swiss watches like following MIDO models can be handy.

A chronograph like CERTINA and EXPEDITION models would also be a nice choice.

I guess some ladies prefer a Diver like TAG HEUER AQUARACER.

Then again quite a number of ladies have special preference for Japanese made like SEIKO or ORIENT.

A vibrant coloured watch like CERTINA can be a nice change.

Whatever is the choice, it boils down to the budget, the taste, the colour tone, the bracelet type and the case diameter, the case material and the size of the wrist, all come into picture.

The skin sensitivity too needs to be taken into consideration. A friend's wife is allergic to metal except gold, so it is pretty expensive for the husband during special occasions.

The right choice would definitely ignite the right glow on the face on the recipient.

Models currently available on the market are in abundance and potential buyers are spoil for choice. The sky is the limit. You can bust your account if you are not careful. This is where sensibility comes in.

A reasonably price watch like the following EXPEDITION model can sometimes does the trick if all criteria is met. Just need to shop around a little smarter...

Details of specifications and prices of some of those watches mentioned are available at LT Watch Gallery.

Brighten up your day by picking the right watch for your beloved lady on her special occasions. Remember, a small gift of love today will definitely go a long way towards enhancing a beautiful relationship.

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