Friday, May 21, 2010


Employability is still a problem in the outsourcing sector, even though there is a sufficient supply of fresh graduates.

Outsourcing Malaysia (OM) chairman David Wong said a recent survey among 30 companies offering 220 jobs revealed that only 11% of the applicants were considered "employable", adding that the respondents were members of OM.

"A total of 9,300 graduates applied for the positions but some 90% didn't get through the door. They were just not considered employable"

"The country will churn out some 35,000 graduates this year so the supply is there. The question now is how many of these graduates are considered employable by the various industries?"He told reporters during an outsourcing roadshow at a hotel in on Tuesday.

Wong said OM was currently conducting a joint study with Multimedia Development Corporation (MdeC) and Multimedia Industry of Malaysia (Pikom) on the employability of fresh graduates.

"We have come up with an online test similar to what is being done in India. The results of this RM300,000 project will be shared with the Higher Education Ministry so that we can produce graduates who are relevant," he said.

MDEC (industry development) vice-president Saifol Bahri Mohd Shamlan said most employers cited poor command of English among graduates as a reason for not hiring.

"Skills and internal practices of a company can be taught but you need to be proficient in English to learn. We need an intervention programme to ensure a supply of skilled labour."

-THE STAR METRO Thursday 01 April 2010


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