Monday, October 18, 2010


The Ipoh Health Department staffs have been making their evening rounds smoking out mosquitoes almost every day ever since the dengue fever becomes endemic in our area. This evening is no exception.

Residents of Meru Heights, Ipoh have been the subject of attacks virus carrying Aedes mosquitoes since early August.

More than 20 cases of Dengue fever victims have since been admitted and the list has yet to stop.

Pointing fingers does not stop the Aedes mosquitoes from breeding and spreading the disease. Concerted efforts from Ipoh City Hall, all government agencies and all parties concerned including the residents are the only way to curtail and control the mosquitoes.

Hence the initiatives by the Health Department for doing the evening rounds and spearheading the gotong royong last Saturday was most commendable. Thank you Sirs…

Though not many residents turned up at the Community Hall last Saturday morning for the gotong royong, I guessed most of the residents did participate judging by the piles of garden refuse along the roadsides. They chose to stay back and clean up their own compound.

I just wished the Ipoh City Hall had sent the lorries to collect those piles of garden refuse which could be potential mosquitoes breeding grounds.

Clearly, the efforts of the Health Department are producing results as there are fewer mosquitoes in the area.

To Ipoh City Hall, please be more proactive. There are so much more you guys can act.

I acknowledged once in a while you people did visit us to produce compound tickets, gave us free samples of Abate and then fogging. We really appreciate those gestures. I reckon it takes much more than that to rid of the virus-carrying Aedes mosquitoes.

A couple of months ago, I wrote a long letter to the Mayor appealing for assistance to tidy up our area prompting some positive actions.

Thank you Mr. Mayor. 

Once again, I appeal to the good Mayor of Ipoh, do pay us a visit and witness the uncollected rubbish, the overgrown empty housing lots, the unkempt empty houses, the untidy construction sites, the rubbish dumps, the uncut grass along the clogged main drains and along the hill slopes. 

I know that you do care...and seeing is believing.

A breakfast or evening tea dialogue with the residents, Mr. Mayor would certainly be most welcome. Do bring along your officers and cleaning contractors just to make the dialogue more lively and fascinating.

God willing, together we can make this world a better place to live...

P/s (updated 19 Oct 2010 at 12.30p.m)

I saw  some workers cutting grass on both sides of the road in front of my house , Are they from Ipoh City Hall? Thanks anyway...




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