Thursday, December 9, 2010


By: muzill.mansor

The Hijriah year of 1432 is just three days old. Still not too late to wish ma’al hijriah to all Muslim friends all over the world.

Late last year a good friend of mine, an ex-banker handed over what looked like a battered worn out watch with specific instruction to put life back into the watch. He said the watch, a present from a friend was among his favorite just like his Tag Heuer Link. Unfortunately when it stopped running, it was left idling in the drawer.

I was caught up with quite a number of events and festivities especially kenduris, company’s and club commitments to give the watch a second look.

Luckily the mid-week break gave me a breather.

Took the opportunity during the breather to drop by my watch clinic to have the watch examined.

It was a simple task of resuscitation, swift makeover and light polishing at the cost of a few dimes.

To Reza, here’s your Tonino Lamborghini with a new strap, shining and running.

Indeed it is a case of a new lease of life for a new year...

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