Monday, April 2, 2012


Three months has passed since the state of Perak declared the year 2012 as the VISIT PERAK YEAR.
Politically, the state leaders could perhaps licked their lips in satisfaction having successfully managed to bring the Prime Minister five times and Deputy Prime Minister three times to visit the various districts of the state for various 'meet the people' functions in the space of just three months!

WELL, taking that as the average, Perak might see PM visiting the state 20 times and DPM 12 times making it perhaps their favourite state in Malaysia.

Whatever the reasons those two top guys in the country frequented the state is irrelevant but what is certain is the 13th General Election is just round the corner. No matter, the state should be excited by the millions of projects allocations announced by PM and DPM for Perak. Hopefully this huge and significant sums of money allocated really trickled down for the benefit of all the people and transformed Perak into a vibrant state.

As to whether the Visit Perak Year campaign this year is generating the positive response from local and foreign tourists , no official statistics has yet to be sighted.

The only really visible events presently are the political ceramahs which seemed to be a glut judging by the abundance of banners at every nook and road junctions.

Don't the local councils have some laws and regulations on street banners and buntings? Too much and too many of them can be a nuisance and traffic distracting...

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