Friday, May 3, 2013


I have voted many times. As I followed my career path to many places, I've casted my votes at those places I was registered. I have been consistent in my choice of candidates, choosing the candidates which according to my assessment would served the constituencies to the best of their abilities.  Some were voted in as assemblymen or members of parliament and some just failed to get the seats. Nonetheless I was pretty happy. I am just one of those people who do not really bother about what banner you carry...whether it is 'cap ayam' or cap loceng', what matters to me is, the principles and struggles that a candidate pursue...and of course his commitment. I know of one ADUN who cheated his wife by getting caught in khalwat. This guy should be kicked out...luckily he opted out of the following election.

I have observed many a time an ADUN or an MP appearing just a few months before the election. There will be many invitation cards dropped in my mailbox requesting attendances at planned events while many local problems remained unsolved. For the rest of the good four or five years, somehow this particular ADUN or MP conveniently just gone AWOL

Let us always be smart and let us not be scared to well, vote wisely.

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