Tuesday, March 2, 2010


A posting by fellow blogger on Panerai last week wetted my appetite to hunt for one. Scouted and enquired around Ipoh seeking for an original Panerai just to have a feel of what it is like to hold one and have a piece of Panerai donning my wrist.

With the assistance of some friends, tracing a piece wasn't that difficult. One piece of pre-owned Panerai Luminor Marina was located at an Ipoh watch gallery being placed there for resale.

Having the honour of touching it and wrapping the strap round the wrist is sheer ecstasy. What more the one that is available is a limited edition no.2040/2600 first purchased in 2005.

The black dial with casing diameter of 44 mm is crystal clear and a pretty sight to watch. The rubber strap hugs well on the wrist and provides a very comfortable wrap.

It might be a diver but I reckon it suits all occasions with its elegant and rounded casing while its chunkiness looks ideal for sports and rugged wear.

Alas, the 44 mm casing diameter is extra large and tend to swallow my wrist so I'm giving this piece a miss to allow fellow collectors the chance to own it. Please refer LT Watch Gallery for sale details.

As for me, there is always a next time...maybe a Panerai with a case diameter of 40 mm will turn up in the next hunting episode.


Anonymous said...

bro..that is a regular production PAM 104. Looking at the movement sticker its a G series i.e 2004. That means in 2004, there were 2600 examples of PAM 104 produced. panerai SE/LE are much smaller and definitely less than 2000 with even micro editions of 12 or 5 pieces..

Zameen zahari

Limau tambun said...

En Zameen,

Thank you very much for the valuable information.

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