Friday, February 4, 2011


By: muzill.mansor

It was three Thursdays ago…In between appointments in Kuala Lumpur and armed with a couple of hours free time, we managed to roll into the Pavilion Shopping Complex hopping from one watch gallery to another. Haven’t been to this place for quite a while and there is just so much to see. So, have to be quite selective.

The Swiss Watch Gallery carries quite a wide selection of interesting IWCs, Grahams and JLCs. Of all the exhibits, the JLC crystal Atmos clocks really fascinated us. With a price tag of RM 72K and RM80K each before discount, any of the two would definitely be ideal to grace a collector's display cabinet. Just adore the pieces and would love to bring any of the two atmos, home except that the budget did not really permit then.

The TW Steel watch kiosk displayed models that were quite familiar especially those already featured in Lt Watch Gallery. Still, we spent some time there just to compare prices. Of course we came out smiling because we offer more attractive prices.

Wata Time Gallery, being one of the largest watch retail outlets offered bountiful of choices. Two U-Boats models were very impressive, reasonably price and worth considering. We might drop by again in the next trip to pick up one unit for the collections.

The stop at the Red Army watch gallery turned out to be no ordinary pit stop. It was a real long stop. There were just so many fascinating Russian models on display. Granted, we have never before given a second thought to Russian made watches although a close friend of ours have a good selection of Poljot, Aviator, Pobeda and Raketa in his collections.

There were so many fabulous and magnificent Russian made models to choose from. One can easily bust the credits cards and the bank balances in exchange for these gorgeous, big and busty models to take home.

Moving my eyes and hands stroking from one model to another, I was mesmerized by this one particular creation of Alexander Shorokoff. Just could not take my eyes of this beautiful creature…stunning, elegant, poised and looking ready to be taken home…Alas, this beau was only for display and not to be sold.

The face with two popping eyes devoid of unnecessary accessories and make-up overdo was so clean and pure.

The back is very transparent with neat engine and magnificent movement with orderly colour tone.

The crown is signed and sealed.

The black leather strap is just fitting.

I was just bowled over… I could not care less. Just wanted to possess the model and bring home and stamped as mine.

Pleaded with Awie, the Salesperson… A phone call to the gallery’s owner and upon my introduction, this master creation by Alexander Shorokoff is mine for the keep. Oh yes, I know the owner from a previous visit. We had then a very fruitful conversation especially after introducing my blog to him.

Securing this Russian beau, a limited edition of only 610 pieces created in Alzenau and dedicated to the people of Alzenau, Frankfurt, Germany was pure excitement, especially so when this is the first Russian of course.

Say what? Of course I'm still excited about this encounter.

I'm praying hard for a more stunning beau with Russian connection to roll and flow into my life...and that would just pure blessed because it would be God send!

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hg said...

lol. so lucky of you to have just come and grab is a beauty indeed and waiting for mine to arrive supposedly end of this month or 1st week of july..mine will be coming along with the last batch they ship over.

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