Sunday, February 27, 2011


Received a call from LAT on Wednesday. We talked about his coming 'LAT KAMPUNG BOY, The Musical' to be staged at the Panggung Sari, Istana Budaya (National Theater) on March 16th to April 3rd 2011.

He was pretty excited yet cautious and nervous about the public response. I told him that everything should be fine. I also told him that I have watched Awie performed on stage in 'Cuci2 the Musical' and the actor/singer performance was superb then. I'm sure he will perform just as credible as LAT in 'Lat Kampung Boy, the musical'.

A lot of people are anxiously waiting for the show. In fact, our whole family and the whole gang of his Ipoh buddies are going down to Kuala Lumpur to lend support. Was told by LAT, our friend, Rizal Pakeeza is trying to make arrangements to ferry the Ipoh contingent.

What's next? That was the question lingering in my mind. Yes, after the musical, what is the next project line up for LAT, the iconic world-famed cartoonist?

This man has done a fantastic job in putting Perak, his home state and Malaysia on the world map, yet not much was given back by the state to honour his works. I'm still praying for the best to come…

If only LAT exists in Europe or USA, his work would have filled a museum and deserved the creation of a theme park.

As if reading my mind, he voluntarily explained that he was having a meeting with a top Perak state executive councilor the next day to kick start his long stalled pet project...let us just called it, LAT's signature project.

The rest…well, it is privy between two good friends.

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