Monday, February 28, 2011


By: muzill.mansor

Spend nearly the whole day at the Ipoh Main Post Office. There are 10 traffic summonses to settle for the two cars and today is the final settlement day. There are long queues of restless and frustrated souls at the Traffic Police Department and the Main Post Office.

Just can’t blame anybody but myself. I guessed this time my laidback attitude again cost me dearly… Lots of expensive time and money...

In summation, it is always best to pay off the traffic summonses early.

Spending more than five hours waiting and in between agony and anxiety, boredom faces and systems down, my mind was wondering about the many things that should have been done and attended more prudently and intelligently…so much for an eye opener and regret.

It would definitely be better off if I had been more discipline be it driving cars or going about my life.

I guessed my Pa was right all along. Discipline is the bridge between setting mere goals and real accomplishments.

(Sigh)…Too much at stake right now.

Save time, save money and save all the hassle…and save for the best.

There is no two way about it. I have to change right now…for me, for the better future and for the loved ones around me.

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