Monday, April 21, 2008


Was in Jakarta last week meeting up with my son’s business partner over some deal struck late last year. After five months ,business still kind of so so. Nothing as exciting as originally forecasted and anticipated though profits are there. Nevertheless I’m optimistic. With more effort, real networking, sound legal advice and proper financial and accounting systems established, plus patience and perseverance, business could prosper in the near future. Actually the business was initiated by my second son who prefers to venture in business rather than sourcing a salaried job. Hope I can address all the hiccups and put the business on a sounder footing for Angah to soldier on .

It’s always my wish to see my kids become successful business persons and secure their financial independence and place in the society. I always believe that only through sheer hard and intelligent work, honesty, trust, patience, perseverance and doa, one can be successful in life. Of course, what you get, you have to return something back to society through zakat, infak and ‘sadakah’. To my kids, I can only provide them with start up capital, advice (for whatever they are worth) and guidance based on my experience besides love and tender care. They will then have to continue on their own, squeeze their brain, build on the foundation set and aim higher.
On the way home, at Sokekarno- Hatta Airport, had a chat with Angah’s friend, Tony Lee. At just 28 years old, this young Malaysian of Chinese heritage is already a seasoned and successful entrepreneur dealing with housing materials. Shuffling from KL, Jakarta and Bangkok, he is the proud owner of three factories assembling those product lines. I’m impressed. Tarak NEP tarak Gomen’s help pun boleh maa..... Malaysia Boleh. Your feat should be emulated by all the young Malaysians. Syabas young man!

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