Sunday, April 27, 2008


Today I reached the statutory age of retirement for a government servant. A ripe old age of 56 years that is. It would have been my last day in office had I chose to work in the service till the very last day but I chose to opt earlier. Two years and two months earlier to be exact. It was a very easy decision then having reached the stage where I thought I have done what I could to complete my assignment.

For the record I was seconded to a state GLC for a turnaround exercise. I thought I did quite a good job in reviving the company so much so that it managed to get approval for listing in 2005 and listed on the Main Board, Bursa Malaysia on 27 June 2007. Well, before I left the service, I was given an option to purchase some shares for services rendered. I took the option, paid the shares in full and left the service.

I thoroughly enjoyed my early retirement. I had all the time to myself to indulge in activities I wanted to do but keep on postponing. There is gardening, catching up with reading, writing, filing away all my documents, attending religious classes and lots of other things. There were doors and windows to mend. My old Morris Minor too needed attention. I will talk about my vintage car later. I had also wanted to incorporate a company to initiate a family business, run a successful business that my children could then hopefully take over and bring to greater heights. Anyway, a pensioner still needs something to do to earn his upkeeps.

You know getting started in business at this late age was not that easy. I guess I did make some headway though it was tough. Only a few friends I could really count on. The rest, kind of drifted away.

After two years of labouring around in business, I am quite proud with the well-spent time in moulding a small business outfit. There is some success albeit a very small one. Still, I believe, those small achievements are steps in the right direction for my kids to explore further.
I thank the Almighty for giving me the good health, strength, the good life, the opportunity to serve the society and most of all this wonderful family.


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Anonymous said...

happy belated birthday Boss. Moga panjang umur dan murah rezeki.Amin.

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