Thursday, May 8, 2008


I was happy that i could make it to the routine weekly Kelab Keledang lunch meeting yesterday at Ipoh Club, Could not make it the previous week. Really pleased to hear that the club’s request to meet Dato Seri Nizar,the Menteri Besar of Perak, received a prompt reply. The club’s request was sent on the 30th April 2008.The positive reply came from MB’s office on the 2nd May that MB was wiling to meet the Club’s Committee (limited to six members) on the 6th May 2008.

The President reported that the 20 odd minutes meeting with MB went smoothly. The committee was able to disseminate the correct information about the club. It was explained to MB that Keledang is a charitable and non political club serving the society irrespective of race, colour or religion. Keledang raises its funds through members’ contributions and activities like charity golf, car boot sales and garage sales to finance our charities. The club had never received any money from the state nor do it intents to solicit now.

The MB raised a few pertinent observations regarding the exclusivity of the club and whether the club’s membership is open to ladies. The committee replied that the club’s membership is open (by invitation) to all Malay Muslim professionals in Perak (male and female) who can voluntarily contribute time, effort, energy and resources towards the betterment of society. On the ladies membership, to date there is no direct lady members although spouses of members are all treated as members. Maybe it is high time the club gives a thought to the matter after all the club constitution is very open on the lady membership.

As all the previous MBs are honorary members, the President on behalf of the members extended the invitation to Dato Seri Nizar to be the honorary member of the club and to attend our programmes. A fitting invitation which we, the members, sincerely wish will be accepted by MB. After all The Raja Muda of Perak is already our Club Patron. For the record, Tuanku had religiously attended our Annual Installation Dinners without fail.

The complementary invitation by MB that the club could, on occasion it deemed fit, use the good office of MB to organise its activities was indeed a pleasant surprise.

Another surprise was the President reported that when he stepped outside the MB’s office there was a huge gathering of rakyat from all walks of life, Melayu, Cina and India semua ada, waiting to see MB though it was nearly 4.00pm. Well this is what the rakyat wants. Without much fuss they can see their number one man to tackle their problems. Thank you, Dato Seri. That’s the way to go! Prompt, open and mesra rakyat.

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