Thursday, December 18, 2008


It's not easy to choose your first car especially trying to work within the small budget allocated. That's the predicament my lovely daughter, ILI, seemed to face recently.

Some time ago when she was doing her Alpha (matriculation) level at MMU Melaka, I somehow threw the carrot of a brand new car if she continuously excelled in her studies until the degree level.

She took the challenge by the horns and came out with flying colours each and every semester to date. I'm really proud of her achievements.

A small car is indeed a small price to fulfil a promise.

We went hunting from one model to the other. From Myvi, Viva, Gen2, Persona to Saga. All come to nought.

I wonder....

Little did I realised she (after consultation with Fatin, her elder sister) has already made up her mind on this little 'cutie' called SWIFT. Yes, a brand new white SUZUKI SWIFT.

Being a smart girl, she got her way, albeit slightly off the budget.

Promise made promise kept and that's what satisfaction is all about...




1 comment:

~iLi~ said...

A cute car for a cute girl..^_^
Thanks Ayah!!

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