Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Got an MMS yesterday afternoon from a friend also an avid watch collector and owner of a watch gallery, featuring a blue face of a new watch. On closer look it is the face or dial of a wrist watch with the word BALL clearly spelled on the face.

Straight away gave him a call. It’s always his style sending images without any wording or explanation. If details are required then one has to give him a call. He will always giggle first after the customary hello. He got a kick by giving surprises and tempting us, his friends and fellow collectors on new releases and new stocks.

He said he has just received two units of brand new BALL wrist watches. There are many enquiries from fellow collectors especially when both are displayed at his gallery. I told him to hold both the watches and only release to others after I’ve sighted both later in the evening.

Actually I’ve sighted a few BALL models on my walkabout the other day at the Midvalley Megamall, KL. Kind of like the look and the name especially knowing the rich history of BALL watch which is synonymous to American Rail.

Anyway back to the story of the available BALLs at my courtyard. There are two available, the white dial and the blue dial automatic. Just have a look at the two. I think you would agree with me that both are equally stunning, clean, neat and beautiful.

The price quoted too is reasonable, much cheaper than some of the pre-owned watches and vintage watches now offered on the market. Both the watches come with the original box, certificate and international guarantee.

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Mohd Nazri said...

Lots of heritage in this one...modern yet...

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