Tuesday, January 5, 2010

255. ROLEX SUBMARINER GREEN BEZEL 16610 LV -50th Anniiversary Edition

Been hunting for this 50th anniversary edition for quite a while since getting acquainted to Rolex. I had the pleasure of being offered a few submariner timepieces and have reached the point of getting them examined and price evaluated. Still the green bezel version interest me the most and the desire to hold and examine it is unbearable.

Secured my friend's (the watch gallery owner) help to source a unit for me to get a closer look. He just smiled and promised to address the request on his return from his long planned overseas trip. Coming from him as a man of integrity, you could sense that the promise is considered as job done. With his networking the request was plain easy.

I dropped by his gallery yesterday on knowing that he was back at work. Seeing the broad grin on his face, I knew the green bezel Rolex submariner anniversary edition was around.

The available watch comes from Hong Kong complete with the original box and a valid warranty until May 2011. It's a real beauty and carries aregal look. What makes it more fascinating is the certificate carries a very neat number of 888, a rarity indeed. If one believes in fengshui, this is one hell of a lucky number.

Doesn’t really matter to me though but it is a neat and nice number anyway for a watch.

The condition is really awesome. Clean, beautiful, unpolished without any scratches, even the smell is fresh. Having this timepiece on the palm for closer scrutiny and trying once on the wrist feel really great, wonderful and estatic.

Keeping it for good would be a great option and I think I might just do that.

It would be really worthwhile for green is the colour of freshness, clean, pure and a symbol of sincerity. As such upgrading the watch as the blog's logo would be most appropriate indeed.


Din Rambong said...

salam dato',setakat hari ini belum pernah bermimpi mlam atau siang utk jd owner jam Rolex...mungkin suatu hari..

Limau tambun said...

Salam Cikgu,

Takyah mimpi lama-lama...nanti DS Najib bagi bonus 1Malaysia tahun nie sure semua cikgu boleh beli rolex nye...

Aritu test market jam nie kat Lowyat Forum, respons orait gak.

Shiva said...

Datuk, Is the watch still for sale. I am interested. You can mail me at shiva_adm@yahoo.com

Best regards,


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