Friday, March 19, 2010


It was supposed to be a stop over to sight a few pieces of Rolex submariner, Rolex Turn O Graph and a Rolex Explorer II. A kind of get together 'Just for Friends'. The presence of a piece of Roger Dubuis K10 changed the topic of conversation. After all how often does a limited edition of such a superb and brilliant timepiece like a Roger Dubuis turn up in your palm?

I must admit that it was the first Roger Dubuis encounter and for that I have to thank my friend, the great W. He is the kind of watch collector you like to have around. The kind of collector who is always bubbly and excited to display his latest conquest to close pals, irrespective of time and place.

Such a mesmerising sight! Just look at the impressive and dazzling dial. The 'Roger Dubuis K10' distinctive letters spread over the dial and the red strip minute and hour hands, so bold and beautiful and its a diver too.

Only 888 pieces of this limited edition are released into the market and the exclusive photos displayed here are from timepiece no. 003/888

It is fitted with signed crown, silicon straps and signed butterfly buckle.

The only drawback is this Roger Dubuis comes at an exclusive price.

To own this pre-owned piece, one might have to prise open the cheque book with a sackful of ringgit, 'cos my friend, the great W is only willing to part with it at around 60k.

I understand one new unit cost a bit more than RM 100k. So, folks, if you can spare something close to that sum and keen to have a Roger Dubuis K10 LE no.003/888 hugging your wrist, here's your golden, no thanks, I'm not into that kind of league.


Ariffin said...

Fuih jam terhebat pernah dipaparkan dalam blog Dato' .
Kalah rolex submariner warna hijau yg jadi logo limau tambun.

Saya rasa mcm tuan jam dulu seorang yg kenamaan yg hebat sebab dpt siri ke 3/888.

Limau tambun said...

Assalamualaikum En Ariffin,

Terpegun dan terpesona bila saya pegang jam yang satu nie...memang tersergam indah buatan seninya.

Tengok pada no.jam nie yang single digit, saya pun jangka RD nie pernah menghiasi lengan seorang yang ternama.Tapi tak dapat nak confirm sebab original certificate yang biasanya tercatat nama pembeli tidak dapat dilihat.

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