Wednesday, March 3, 2010

273.I SEE... Ohhh... IWC

I noticed quite a number of my friends who are doctors and lawyers donned IWC watches with large casing. With casing diameter of 50 mm above, IWC watches look pretty thick and solid giving the persons wearing them additional aura of confidence, stability, strength and respectability.

The two images of IWC that are exhibited here were forwarded by MMS to me by a friend as soon as he acquired the watches yesterday from Kuala Lumpur.

Actually those IWC are of the same model but of different colours. He was so excited that the moment he acquired them, he straight away forwarded the images to me.

Have yet to call him but I’ll try to make time in the next few days, that is if I could squeeze through my  tight schedule this week to drop by his place just to have a peek at his latest conquest!

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