Wednesday, November 10, 2010


The flood situation in Kedah state in the northern part of peninsular Malaysia has improved according to local press. 

During our Keledang club's meeting on Sunday, it was decided that the club extend some assistance to the flood victims. I was tasked to visit the flood areas and report back to the club's committee who then will make the final decision.

Monday morning I called my dear friend and former classmate, Dato Mansor Ismail, the President of Langkawi Recreation Club( LRC), an NGO active in helping the flood victims. I was informed that the flood situation has improved but certain areas are still under water.

When told that our club would like to contribute, he was very appreciative. He said, "Any help no matter how little would most certainly be welcome." LRC has together with several other NGO in Kedah together launched a Flood relief Fund to mobilise funds for the needs of flood victims.

I made a call to the flood hotline at the Kedah State Secretariat. Upon inquiry, a lady politely answered the phone and informed us that donations can be forwarded to the natural disaster Fund under the State Secretary office.

We also got to know that donations can be forwarded through the Kedah State Welfare Department.

Well, at least we have three conduits to channel our donations and aids.

We set our journey back to Alor Setar after the Zohor prayers. The weather was kind although heavy rain started to pour by the time we reached Gurun. Exited at the Alor Setar South toll Plaza, we noticed that indeed the flood has receded. The road leading to the city is cleared although the Kedah River is still swollen.
We proceeded to Taman Golf where the federal minister of housing family home is situated near our kampung(village). Part of the road in the housing estate was still under water.

There were many cars parked along the road leading to the kampung. Jalan Dato' Syed Ahmad Shabudin in front of our family's house in still flooded to knee high. 
There was a small lorry loaded with boxes of food and mineral water. We were told that every day this lorry from the Buddhist Society will come to distribute free food and bottled mineral water to the flood victims in the kampung. All help are most welcome. So, a big thank you to the Buddhist Society.Keep up the good work.

I waddled through the flood to reach my parents house. The water was foul with stinking smell.

We surveyed the area around our house. The water mark left by the flood indicated that the flood reached just below the window level. Though water was still ankle- deep around the compound, we were quite relief and thankful that it was receding.

Some of the houses at the lower ground were still flooded. 

We then proceeded to the main relief centre at the Stadium Sultan Abdul Halim in Suka Menanti amid heavy donwpour.

Despair and empty faces awaited us at the stadium. 

The numbers remained at the relief centre has dwindled to just about 300 from the initial 2,436 on the 03 November 2010. Most of them are from Seberang Pumpong area nearby.

Much need to be done at the stadium especially keeping the compound clean from litters and the toilets hygienic.

No activities were organised to keep those at the centre occupied. Perhaps  gotong royongs could be organised to pick all the plastic containers and trash littering the compound.

From the stadium we moved to the paintball court where Muzill and his gang normally practised. The rice fields around the court resembled a huge lake.

Taking the route through Pantai Johor and Mentalun, we proceeded to Alor Setar on the way back to Ipoh, wet but happy that Muzill has made a wise decision to move out his grandparents just at the right time.

This morning, I was on telephone conversation again with Dato' Mansor Ismail, the former Langkawi Municipal Council President and now the President of Langkawi Recreation Club (LRC) to get the updates. Really happy that he is spending his retirement time doing the noble community services through his NGO in reaching out to help the needy including the flood victims. 

Well done Dato'...

Keledang Club will be very happy to extend our assistance to the flood victims through the LRC. I pray that my fellow club members will give generously...

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