Tuesday, November 16, 2010


It started from observations and conversations among members and familie during the recent Ramadhan breaking fast ceremony at a few orphanages. There seemed to be a common character among the residents of these orphanages viz, timid, low esteem and lack of self confidence.

These observations made through the trained eyes of a medical specialist in the form of none other than our club President, Dr Hj Zakaria and concurred by many other members and families who felt obliged to address the matter in the best possible manner.

Hence, the idea to conduct a motivational course was mooted and Dato' Azmi, the Head of the club's Welfare Bureau was tasked to formulate a motivational course plan including identifying the suitable age group, ideal training location and reasonable budget.

Kem Dato' Sagor, a training centre in Kampung Gajah which Dato' Azmi was very familiar was identified as the right location within the reasonable prescribed budget.

Once, the motivational course module was place in proper perspective, the task of fine tuning and identifying the candidates was handed over to the club's Education Bureau to set the motion. Dr hj Murshid, the Head of the Education Bureau must be commended for his relentless effort in pursuing the orphanages to send the right numbers of participants.

One hundred students who are residents of ten orphanages age ranging from 14 to 16 years old were targetted to attend a full boarding three-day course on character building, motivation and career guidance.

Facilitators from the camp, universities, corporate leaders and professionals among club members were roped in to conduct the course.

On Friday, The 12 NOVEMBER 2010 afternoon, 83 participants turned up at the camp. Regrettably a few participants could not make it due to several reasons including transportation. Registration went on smoothly.

The ice breaking session that followed was interesting despite most participants were new to each other.

After tea, they adjourned to their separate assigned dormitories for a good bath and break before dinner.

Ustaz Amir from Sek Men Lambor Kiri who acted as the Imam for the Maghrib prayers gave a kuliah in between the Maghrib and Isyak prayers.

The official opening ceremony that followed the Isyak prayers was conducted by our club President, Dr hj Zakaria who whizzed his way from Ipoh I less than one hour. It was short but very meaningful. This is the first time in the club's 33 years history that such a course specially designed for residents of orphanages in Perak was ever conducted. Credit must be given to the President who envisages such a noble project.

A short paper was presented after the opening ceremony.

It was a long and hard day of listening endurance for the participants and they were release at 11.00 p.m for a decent rest.

Day two on Saturday started as early as 5.30 a.m for the Subuh prayers and a short tazkirah followed by a good healthy breakfast.

Back to the dormitory for a change in uniform suitable by morning drill at the field. A good exercise is always good for the body. Under the command of able instructors, the participants were taken through various rigorous routine to ensure that they are alert and at attention during the talks.

The session that followed was an eye opener.

It was heartening to see the participants reacted warmly to the 'heart to heart' session conducted by Pn Hjh Ainul, the wife Sdr hj Sazali, one of our former presidents.

Sdr Tan Sri Ahmad Azizuddin took over the afternoon session. As a Merdeka veteran, Tan Sri is the most appropriate person to take the participants through the memory lane of independence, the sacrifices and the true meaning of merdeka.

Tan Sri and Puan Sri must have been very pleased with the program and the response to warrant them to give raya to each participant.

Our club member Sdr Cikgu Hj Zabidi, a true educationist made his contribution by following up the Tan Sri's merdeka spirit.

Saturday night was reserved for career talk on various professions ranging from medical, architecture, engineering and accountancy.

Sdr Dr hj Zakaria, our club President who is a renowned neurologist took about half an hour to give an overview on the medical profession. His academic success was built on blood, sweat and tears. A true kampong boy who rose from poverty and a very supportive mother who toiled the morning suns and broke the evening lights to see her kids achieved excellence in life.

Datin Fairuz Hassan 'Adli was tasked to brief on the legal profession. She handled her session with poised and grace. The motherly tone adopted by her charmed the participants.

Our 2002 club President, Sdr Hj Sazali, an established architect in Ipoh came in next shedding some sparks on the architectural profession. Judging from the response, some participants seemed to pay attention.

By the time Ir Khairul Anwar, the immediate past President who is a civil engineering consultant took over the mike it was already 10.50 p.m. In the simplest language possible, he explained the intriguing world of engineering and how our lives are affected.

The last speaker, Dato' hj Mansor Ahmad, the 2000 club President and a chartered accountant with 33 years experience was given the task of explaining the accountancy profession. The time on the wall clock was 11.10 p.m. It was normally bedtime for the participants. Most of the participants in the hall were already half awake.

Observing the situation, he opted to simplify the presentation on accountancy profession through the character of a duck i.e a Peking duck or a Cherry Valley.

The duck was dissected into various components and products generating tremendous potential income for accountants to count. Slowly and surely then the hall came alive again…at least for the next 20 minutes giving enough time for a good wrapping up. Through the duck, the work of an accountant was given a light overview.

Well, we didn't expect them to understand much anyway. The objective was just to give an insight or an overview into the various professions so as to provide a guiding light into the future.

Sunday, the 14th November 2010, the last day was reserved for Dato' LAT's session. IN his usual relax manner, LAT took the boys down his memory lane in explaining that a career in cartooning is possible provided one is willing to work hard, has sharp observation and sincerity in the heart.

It was a long and tiring three day session for participants, the Dato' Sagor's facilitators and the club.

Thanking every single one who contribute towards the success of the program, the club President performed the closing ceremony just before lunch.

Summing up, the motivational program for the students from the orphanages was worth the efforts, the money, the time and resources.

The spirit of KELEDANG shone like a beacon through the program for it was the combine effort of every single member of Keledang family that pulled us through.


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