Saturday, May 10, 2008


Muzill, my eldest son or Abang as we fondly called him, was carrying a broad smile throughout the week since he got the news that the car he booked way back in September last year had finally arrived. So, yesterday at 9.30 am off we went to Butterworth to collect the car. We arrived at the Mitsubishi showroom at 11.05 am to be received by Richard Khaw, the ever smiling Sales Consultant. We were really excited to see the bright red beautiful Lancer sitting pretty and elegant in the showroom. Abang just couldn’t wait to get his hands on the car. He even declined Richard’s offer of coffee.

Yes, this red Mitsubishi Lancer is really a ga-ga. No wonder the waiting time was so long. The designers must have young executives like Abang on their minds when this model was designed. They got it right.

After working so hard at the office and breaking his back till the wee hours completing his assigned tasks week in and week out, I think, he has earned it.


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brightz said...

A red shirt abang and a red mitsubishi lancer car, just like ayah said, what a cutie!! =)

Jeles la abang dapat kete baru.huhu

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