Saturday, May 10, 2008


The taxi – ride yesterday to Butterworth was quite interesting. The cab driver managed to engage us into conversation. She was full of confidence, manuovering the car smoothly along the highway while keeping within the speed limit. Her ability to converse fluently in proper English really impressed me. Hey, don’t get me wrong. I had no qualms about cab drivers’ having good command of English but this lady’s impeccable English strike a certain kind of mystery. I did wonder, for a second, whether she was kind of an undercover. No matter. I’m just an ordinary pensioner, loyal citizen of this country, love the Royalty and non political. So, what’s there to worry even if she’s one?

She claimed to be nearing fifty but looked very much younger. The youthful look, she claimed, maybe is the result of her regimented routine of exercise running up and down the Keledang Hill every morning for the last three years. That prompted me to ask ’Where were you then before that? ’ Seventeen years in Pennsylvania, LA, San Francisco and eight years in Toronto, Canada’ came her reply. ‘Ahah, that explained. No wonder your English is so good’ I said. She gave a little laugh at my comments. By then I was very curious to know why on earth this lady wanted to come back after so long in overseas.

‘If you don’t mind me asking, what were you doing in all those places? I asked her. ’Study, after that stayed on to make money’ she replied. ‘Then, why didn’t auntie apply for US or Canadian citizenship?’ Abang, my son, interacted. I thought that’s a very valid question indeed to ask.

'Yeah, got a chance to be Canadian citizen but nope, my heart is always in Malaysia, all the time. My family, my relatives and my friends are all here. I made enough money there, so I decided to come back. Barang mahal ke, gaji sikit ke, doesn’t matter, THIS IS MY COUNTRY’ she replied proudly with a very big and lasting smile.

I’m impressed.

Cindy, you’ve made the right choice! Stay happy and stay young.

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