Thursday, May 12, 2011


Piaoliang...zhen piaoliang. those are the words that spurted out the moments I set sight on the colourful tulips or 'yu jin xiang' in Mandarin. Pure magic.

The flowers were from Holland, planted, supervised and managed initially by Dutch horticulturists but the scenes belong to Shanghai Flower Pot in Shanghai, the biggest tulip garden in China.

There were lot and lots of blooming tulips despite our visit in late April. The Shanghai Tulip Festival commences in late March till early May every year for the last seven years.

Tulips of various colours and species were planted in various plots around a very large area surrounding a beautiful lake exuberating a fresh, colourful and exquisite sight.

The Shanghai Flower Port sprawling over 99 over hectares encompassing a mesuem, research and development centre and tulips garden of more than one million bulks is indeed very well planned with rows and rows of blooming bright, colourful tulips lining up meandering roads and well cropped shaded trees. Three large windmills enhanced the Dutch flavor.

I was fortunate to be in Shanghai on my recent birthday, escorted by my dear brother, spending half a day at the Shanghai Flower Port during this late springtime to witness these picturesque creations and manipulations of colours extravaganza.

Such beautiful and exquisite sights would have easily inspired Robert Louis Stevenson, one of the greatest English poets to write memorable poem of the day. Alas, I’m not Stevenson. So, forgive me for these poor narrations to describe and capture my moments in this worldly paradise.

For 100 Yuan per entrance, it is very inexpensive for rare sights of dazzling colours of tulips.

Red and white tulips with intermission of lavender greeted visitors by the entrance.

As you walk into the garden, a large scenic lake opens up with a water fountain in the background and blooming tulips in various plots dotting the perimeter of the lake. Boats are available if you care to flex the leg muscles.

What I like most about this tulip garden is the infrastructural design that allows brisk walking along the meandering paths and shaded trees at leisurely pace hopping from one plot of tulips to another with ease and comfort.

Workers though busy manicuring the flowers were seen smiling at the visitors presumably satisfied that their works get attention and appreciation.

The sanitary facilities are well kept and exceptionally clean.

Coffee houses are available but they only serve limited dishes for lunch. For a change, we had organic and crunchy cucumber and succulent tomatoes for lunch, the lightest lunch ever but still enjoyable and filling. One plate of cucumber and tomatoes cost only 10 Yuan and we are thankful for that healthy meal.

The garden compound is kept squeaky clean.

For those who wish to visit Shanghai, plan the visit in early April and mark the Shanghai Flower Port as a must visit destination. The visit would definitely be a real memorable one.


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