Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Overheard a conversation at a mamak shop:

Ah Sui: dei Sambi, yuono ah, Superman o'ready in Malaysia, mah. You know aah, that funny man with underwear outside one and always say "Up, Up and away…"

Sambi: Really ah…When he come here one?

Ah Sui: O'ready more than one year, mah. People said aah, his house in Putrajaya. He likes to play buttons. Press one button, he says, "Up, up and away".

Sambi: Huh? Never heard la, Tipu la, Ah Sui…

Ah Sui: What tipu? I never tipu one…sumpah potong ayam ohhhh.

Ah Sui: You know aah Sambi, last month this fella up sugar, some more up petrol. This month upped again electricity and up gas. Next month dunno what up some more?

Sambi: (Gigling ala Eric Leong's) oh dat fella uh, Okay, okay, understood…Never mind la…complain also no use. He's Superman.

Ah Sui: Ai Sambi, where to buy pelita ayam, aah ? I wanna to buy two.

Sambi: What for, Sui?

Ah Sui: I wanna give to Superman. Must help him maa. After this aah, all gelap in town, maybe his house also padam lampu, jeemattt maa... So, when he stays at home or when flies he can use pelita ayam.

Sambi: Citt, you're so smart one. Eh, give me two also la Ah Sui, I want to use pelita ayam for my toilets.

Ah Sui: Oii Sambi, one enough la, why two? Gila ka…

Sambi: One for small job, two for big job …hehehe

Ah Sui: huh?

Sambi: Dei, Ah Sui, what are you drinking aah? Smells nice la…

Ah Sui: oh this one huh? Special from Arab maa. Try la Sambi…syiok ooo…

Ah Sui: Aboo, kasi lagi dua botol… halal beer.

Samba: Malaysia bole…

# I supposed, the above dialogue has no relation to anybody dead or alive.

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