Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Real proud to see the PETRONAS logo prominently displayed on the driver’s suit, helmet and the F1 BMW SAUBER car. More so, after podium finish by Robert Kubica at the second last leg of F1 2009 season, the Brazil GP. The short association of the young Polish driver, BMW, Sauber and Petronas however come to an end with the announcement by BMW Sauber on 29 July 2009 that the team will not participate in 2010 F1 season. The gap left allowed for 1Malaysia team to sneak in as the new kid on the block for 2010 new season.

On 03 September 2007, Certina launched the sports watch, DS Podium ‘Robert Kubica’ Special Edition series at the Olympic Center in Warsaw, Poland to commemorate his successes. Produced at a limited series of only 1984 units, a figure inspired by the birth year of the young driver, the watch features Robert’s personal colours as seen on his protective racing helmet.

The caseback carries the individual serial number of the unit and is equipped with a transparent window to show the ETA 7750 Automatic Valjoux workings of the watch, as well as the filigreed silhoutte of Robert Kubica’s helmet and signature.

Managed to secure a pre-owned unit no. 0255/1984 on sale in Ipoh. This limited edition unit comes with an original box, a certificate and an international warranty till 18 April 2010.

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Irhomdeys Vintage Watches said...

Beautiful and sporty watch indeed! The same new watch I looked at KLIA Sepang, the cost? few RMK!!! Congratolation to Dato' and Tn Muzill for succesfully owning this prestigious time piece.

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