Saturday, October 17, 2009


Our quest to find nice and good genuine vintage and pre-owned watches and clocks at reasonable prices has taken us to many different places meeting many new interesting friends from all walks of life at new places hearing many happy, sad and sob stories.

I guessed the relationship we built over time after many transactions somehow has developed a kind of trust for quite a number of sellers to provide us the opportunity of first option to see, scrutinise, ponder and consider to purchase a particular watch. We purchase at reasonable prices mutually agreed. Most of the time, after seeing the watch, we ended up taking the option because it is so difficult to refuse the option when a pretty good watch is already in the clasps.

This week, we ended buying another three wristwatches including a rather nice Omega Seamaster Chronometer gold top with semi gold metal strap. This 16 year old timepiece comes together with a nice original box complete with the certificate and invoice. Even the American Express purchase slip showing the actual purchase price is still intact.

When purchasing a rather pricy pre-owned watch, though sounds like repeating ourselves, we felt it is always prudent to request for original box and certificate plus the original invoice.

In case of vintage watches where original certificate is no longer available, please request for a certificate of purchase from the seller. Easy then to keep the inventory and to keep track of the numerous purchases over the period.

We brought this Omega Seamaster to our watch dealer for valuation this morning. Before the valuation process, we had the privilege to a treat of pre-owned Rolexs, Certina Robert Kubica Limited Edition and a diamond studded Concord.

Perhaps another story another day on the Rolex or Certina Kubica.

No matter, surprise to hear from our watch dealer that we actually secured the Omega Seamaster at a bargain albeit a small one...

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