Tuesday, October 27, 2009

THE FOUR TRAVELLERS...all for the sick bay

I received a parcel containing four watches, a Godiva, a Croton, a Crosby and a Perfine from Ijan (Jamlama) this morning. Thanks to Poslaju for the fast delivery of this simple but tidy and safe pack. Really surprise to see the beautiful and clean dials especially the Godiva. Apart from the normal wear and tear, they looked real OK. Thanks bro...You selected the lot, very well (First time beli jam tak tengok gambar pun).

True enough the engines are not working but they still look marvellous. All were showing good time at more or less 10.12. For how long they are at that time, ntah lah...

I thought it’s best to get my watch doctor to have a look and diagnose.

 So in the afternoon I trooped off to Ipoh. Ah Lek, the doctor, first picked up and opened the Perfine and with one blow, the second hand started to move. Wow, jam pun reti takut sama doktor ke?

Never mind, I still feel that those watches need to stay with the doctor for a while. He can resuscitate and resurrect the engines the way he knows best. The liberty to have a first look is always his but I kind of figure out my available options! 

So, in the meantime, have a good rest in the sick bay, my friends. I will sure come back when the four of you are healthy.

Looking forward to exercise my options on other parts of the watches soonest.

More stories, later...




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