Monday, October 5, 2009


This annual caught my attention while browsing through a range of pre-owned watches at a KL watch outlet last month. Priced at RM130.00 per copy, I find it very  informative and exciting with its contents of old and new models.

The little article on how Peter and Aletta Stas, a Dutch couple, started out as a small watch manufacturer with big ideas that developed into an iconic timepiece in the Heart Beat model is most fascinating.

Frederique Constant, the couple's signature brand, currently manufactures something like 55,000 timepieces per year. More stories and models can be found in the 2009 Annual.

Picked up a few unfamiliar brand names such as MB & F, UTS, Bathys, Louis Moinet, Backes & Strauss, Barthelay, BRM, Benzinger, Clerc and many more. 

For those watch lovers who have yet to own a copy, I think it's worth  grabbing one.

There are too many models that can wobble the eyes and drool the mouth with prices that can rinse the pockets dry.


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