Friday, October 9, 2009


Going to the movie has always been an exciting time out for the family. So when the kids are back in town yesterday, we trooped off, in the afternoon, to TGV at Kinta City to watch ‘Papadom’, Afdlin Shauky’s latest film to hit the screen.

Shot in late 2007, Papadom slogged two long years to reach the cinemas, apparently due to some technicalities, whatever that maybe.

I managed to watch a few of Aflin Shauki’s work in the likes of Buli, Baik Punya Cilok, Sumolah. Found those films to be refreshing and interesting and of course not forgetting his acting in Cuci, directed by his pal, Hans Isaac.

Coming out from the cinema, we shared the same feeling. Satisfied, entertained, encouraged, proud and touched by the high quality of local films produced such as Papadom. Once again Afdlin has managed to put forward to the market a non stereo-type film about human stories. Stories you and I like to see. Away from the boring norm Bollywood winding love and sobbing stories.

Norkhairiah, Farid Kamil, Vanida Imran carried their roles well. I thought Liyana Jasmay and Que Haidar were superb. Afdlin Shauki as 'Saadom', the nasi kandar man was excellent. Harun salim Bachik as Shukor was hilarious. Little wonder this film bagged many awards at the Malaysia Film Festival last year.

The only sad thing is hardly three rows were filled up and it was the first day showing!

Just wonder why our media seldom give good coverage on positive news regarding our local film industry like Papadom, this beautiful dramedy (drama-comedy) that can make you laugh at the top of your voice and wet your eyes then. 

Except for coverage by the Star today, I failed to see our papers giving BIG coverage on this film. Instead many papers especially the Malay Sunday papers somehow like to pick on negative tidbits like divorce cases, khalwat, dadah  among artists. C’mon guys, give credit where and when it’s due.

Give these young directors and artists some break. Their works need to be given front page coverage!


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