Friday, June 26, 2009


Yes, we all are. God is so kind to provide us millions each since birth.

You can ask me, "How's that so?"

I could easily answer you. Why not!

Why don't you each get a calculator and start doing some simple additions.

Start with the head. Try putting a price to it. Suppose God refuses to provide the head plus the skull, where do you think, the skin, the hair, the eyes, the ears, the face can stick on?

 How about the brain? Maybe you can suggest a place to store the brain. The cochlea, the nerves, the sinus, the sweat pores, the eyebrows, the forehead, the lips, the mouth, the tongue, the gums, the bones of the teeth that God has perfectly arrange for each and every one of us.

Say a hundred ringgit for a strand of hair,  a head with frolicking afro like my favourite singer, Dato' David Arumugam ( blessed with a beautiful voice ), it's probably a billion. Of course, if you're botak, it's a zero sum.

Then, how about the brain inside? How much its worth is even if it is hardly used, maybe a million or two millions or three millions for a piece? Does it really cost that cheap?

See, we can't even put a price tag on one faculty that God has given us for free.

We have yet to list out all the faculties given from top to toe including the decent life. So, throw away your calculator 'cos it simply cannot accommodate the sums involved.

Lots of people groused and complaint about too many things aren't right in this country. Yet, foreigners flocked our beloved and peaceful country, legally or illegally, searching for jobs. They grabbed all job opportunities available that our boys and girls refused to venture and filled up.

The construction, property development, plantations, industrial, services, hospitality, trading sectors and even eateries are filled to the brims with imported workers because we failed to fill up the vacancies.

My last visit to Pasar Borong Selangor last month was met with a mixed bag of Indonesians, Banglas, Myanmars and perhaps Nepalese. Even the roti canaiman was a Bangla.

Wow, that guy could really flip the dough!

Next time, before you complain and frown that God is not fair to you in Malaysia for not answering your prayers and give you the comforts of life, think again my friends.

Maybe you are the one who is not thankful to God for not utilising all the faculties God has provided!

Be grateful, we're borned millionaires ...


Irhomdeys Vintage Watches said...

Yes Dato', absolutely agree with you. We should always thank God The Almighty. We will only value what we have received once God has taken them away...

Limau tambun said...

Tuan Syed, very well said. Thank you very very much for visiting this humble blog.

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