Saturday, September 12, 2009


We happened to be in KL for an appointment in Bangsar yesterday morning. Since there was some time left before Friday prayers, we decided to stop by Bangsar Shopping Village and popped in at Passions , the famed pre-owned Singapore- based watch outlet.

We have heard a bit about the outlet and have surfed its website before.

We met Fitrie, the store rep who took us through the range of pre-owned watches displayed.

Indeed the pre-owned luxury original watches impressively arranged are in mint working condition, complete with original boxes and papers. They looked sparkling like new!

There was a Franck Muller 'Cintree Curvex' limited edition of 28 pieces(no.8/28), a Movado 1994 replica 'Museum Watch' limited edition of 1991 pieces in gold plated, a range of Tiffany & Co (Coupe, Tesoro, Tiffany Mark), Pierre Kunz, Perrelet, Anonimo, Ball, Corum, Piaget, Roger Dubuis, Audemars Piguet, Alain Silberstein Tourbillon, vintage Omega timepieces, a couple of Chronoswiss, Daniel Roth, Rolex timepieces, Helios, Panerai Radiomir, Girard Perregaux, Gerald Genta, Blancpain and a few other brands and models which many fellow watch bloggers are very familiar with.

Apart from those displayed, there are also a whole range of watches on consignments like Alpina, Bedat & Co, Bell & Ross, Edox, Graham, Parmiginai and online order like Urwek available through the website.

What impressed us the most is there seemed to be a good market for the pre-owned watches even at those exquisite listed price range. Judging from the list of sold items, we could easily conclude that the business of pre-owned watches as conducted by Passions, who has built a solid reputation, is indeed very lucrative.

Fitrie, who used to work at The Hour Glass, was very knowledgeable, cooperative and friendly.

BTW, nice Tag Heuer Monaco you're wearing, Fitrie!

No, we did not buy any watch on display although the elegant Movado 1994 shown to us and quoted at RM4850.00 looked ludicrously delicious and very tempting indeed.

...'cos the visit was more of an exploratory trip and getting to know the other part of world of watches with extravagant tongue twisting and fancy names.

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Anonymous said...

thank you dato' for give me a good credit....will see you on monday and can talk more about watches.

Anonymous said...


Irhomdeys Vintage Watches said...

Salam Dato', jam Movado Museum dengan Gold Dot besar tu memang dah jadi collector item, replika sama dengan keluaran asal yg dipamerkan di Movado Meseum, Geneva. Saya ada sebiji tapi jenis Quartz dengan Museum Dot nya kecik aje... maaf teriklan pulak!

Limau tambun said...

Hi Fitrie,

I think this is your comment. See you on Monday. Kalau sembang pasal jam, bila-bila pun boleh!

Tuan Syed,

Salam. Kalau macam tu, saya ikut cakap tuan lah. Jam tu kira saya booklah. Hehehe...

Limau tambun said...


La valeur réelle de tout observer travailler millésime est dans son raffinement et le plaisir de posséder et de le porter

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