Monday, November 30, 2009


Released in 2009 and produced in a limited number of 999 pieces, this is a special edition of three models under the same reference. This particular model under EPOS ref.3400 comes with black dial, stainless steel case and black leather strap of 22 mm. It is a sheer stunning beauty and elegance craftsmanship retails at an Ipoh watch gallery, Malaysia at RM6208/USD1825 only.

Fitted with two independent mechanical self-winding movements, this timepiece displays the time in two different time zones and two dates indications as per the relevant time zone.

The oval stainless steel case with sapphire crystal is complemented with a screwed see-through case back. The Epos logo is distinctly displayed on the crowns.

The brand new unit available at the Ipoh watch gallery is unit no.777/999.

To EPOS lovers, hurry up and grab this piece with such a beautiful number before someone else makes the snatch.

Case dimensions: 40x47mm Thickness: 11.1mm


duniajam said...

Jam ni lah yang sempat juga ushar walau sekejap sebelum tuannya datang ambik. Masa tu tengah dok deal Epos diver tu. Lawa & unik. Ada style...

d.vintagecollection said...

Kelmarin masa sy beli epos 3396 LE, ada juga ditunjukkan jam ini.ada 3 face yg berbeza tak silap yg paling cantik ialah yg ini.

flyeng said...

how much?
can email

Limau tambun said...

Thank you for the enquiry, sir. The watch has already been sold.

There are more options available

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