Thursday, November 19, 2009


Three weeks in the sick bay is long enough for us to recuperate and rejuvenate. Are we not looking fresh and handsome now?

Remember when we arrived from Bintulu, we were more or less technically dead. But the truth is, we were just too sick even to run an extra second then. With no limbs and carrying tainted faces with engine on stoppage condition, what can be expected of us except for some people to pronoun us clinically dead.

But we refused to be dead. A trip to the Kinta Valley seemed to breathe us a fresh hope. Upon arrival, we were promptly ushered to the watch hospital and placed on the sick bay to undergo the strict medical examination.

Thank God, the good old doctor assigned to us was really caring, patient and meticulous. He practically dismantled our bodies and internal organs part by part and placed them neatly in each separate tray. I was so scared then if he might place all our parts together and got confuse later. Just couldn't imagine me wearing Croton’s face.

He cleaned us up singularly and replaced whatever parts of our bodies that had worn out or malfunctioned.

We must admit the old doctor indeed has a good heart and a good pair of eyes. He would take turns to nurse each of us back to life.

My oh my...Isn’t he skilful!

The best part is he chose to give each of us a new pair of clothes and new crown. The old clothes were practically jiggered and full of holes.

Crosby and Godiva were given new chrome coats. Crosby got something extra too. He now got back his luminosity! Their faces or dials were wiped clean and I tell you, not a single pimple can be found on their faces any more. Both of them are very happy.

Poor boy, Croton wasn't so lucky. Though he too received a new coat of chrome, nothing much can be done to his face. His acne has been there far too long. Somebody said daily dosage of tempe can improve one's look. Maybe Croton might want to try. Anyway, Croton has his luminous hands back. I guess that make up for the face. I still can't see my hands in the dark.

Nevertheless, I consider myself to be the luckiest one of the lot with a golden treatment. With a golden coat, don't I look magnificent? Got a brown leather strap as well while they got black. Just thrilled to bits.

Don't be jealous Crosby, Godiva and Croton... After all my name is PERFINE!

So what can we say...except to record our appreciation to the good old doctor.

Thanks a million Doc for resuscitating our lives back...

AS NARRATED to muzill.mansor BY: PERFINE

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Zulekhzan B. Fauzi Saadi said...

memang hebatlah tukang jam kau ni...good work...boleh buat bisnes repair jam secara online kalau dia nak...

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