Monday, November 30, 2009


It was decided less than a month ago that the Lancer GT Northern Region gathering should be held in Taiping, Perak on 29 November 2009 when other regions like Southern and East have already had theirs. 

When the idea was posted in the lancerzone forum, members as far as Johor confirmed participation.

It was a beautiful Sunday morning when I started the journey from Ipoh to the agreed meeting place Sungai Perak R&R before proceeding to Kamalodge Resort located at the foot of Bukit Larut, Taiping, Perak, Malaysia.

One of the participants from Klang Valley, Kamahraj, encountered a mishap along the highway. One of his Lancer’s rear tyres burst just after Ipoh Selatan toll plaza. Luckily the spare tyre was well inflated so it was just a slight hiccup. The whole gang, nevertheless waited for him at the R&R. When he finally arrived, we convoyed  straight away to Taiping.

Upon reaching Kamalodge Resort at 12.00 noon, more than thirty Lancer GTs were already there, owners and family members.

After registration and lunch, the whole group gathered for photo session. Hey, for memory sake lah...and to show we really had a good turnout for the gathering.

Next, the whole bunch was marooned to a place nearby the Resort for an off road experience for the next activity, the fun-riding of the ATV.  What an experience it was...looked easy but don’t pray pray uhh.. Even the instructor fell off from his off mah...

Kerul then suggested a time beat competition round the track. Pyro from northern region came first, Infernus  got second placing followed by Kerul, Zimi and One 31 in that order.

Alas, rain struck early. We couldn't continue with the ATV activity so we headed for the famed Arowana Farm, Bukit Merah. One of our members, Wan, is working there.

Wan explained that the company breeds the Arowana in 700 ponds. All the ponds are on ex-Padi fields. After a brief explanation from Wan, some of our members wandered around the farm. There were species of Red Chili, Mas Merah, Malaysian Golden and many more which I couldn't recall. For more details visit

Walking through the farm made some of us hungry. Somebody suggested we tried the famous and delicious mee udang in Simpang Kuala Sepetang before heading home.

It was already 5.00 pm then, was just too tired to grab the mee udang, how delicious it maybe, I gave it a miss. Hehehe... 

As I headed home through the old trunk road towards Ipoh, the wonderful experience from this gathering certainly will be one of my best memories about friendship, togetherness and comradeship, all lump up under the banner of Mitsubishi Lancer GT Club.

To the Club Committee members, thanks guys for organising such a wonderful gathering...

As seen from the eyes of: Muzill.mansor



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