Friday, August 14, 2009


Over lunch at the Royal Ipoh Club last Wednesday, while on the subject of the importance of Mandarin in light of China as the new Economic super power, my friend and 'abang', Dato' Sheikh Rahman, a former Perak State Legal Adviser , mentioned a Chinese proverb.

He said it in Mandarin which he translated and explained to Sdr Hj Jaafar Chik and I who were sitting on either side of him. Dato' Sheikh seldom has many words during Wednesday lunch meetings.

What prompted him to talk about Mandarin and China was the logo on the uniform I wore that day. I specifically chose the character pronounced REN meaning 'people' as our family company's logo back in 2006 when I started the company to symbolise our commitment to the community.


Muzill who attended the meeting, too, was wearing a similar uniform with the same logo.

Dato' Sheikh who is very proficient in Mandarin and Japanese besides English and Bahasa was trying to emphasise to us the importance of giving back to society while one in is the position to give.

He said," Nothing in life is permanent".

Hence the concept of 'SYUKUR AND SODAQAH' in Islam comes into perspective.

How true. Coming from a very wise man, I totally agree.

Thank you Dato' for the kind reminder for everyone who care to listen...

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