Thursday, December 17, 2009


This time piece was purchased at an international airport many years ago during one of those working trips overseas accompanying my paymaster.

I loved the white clean dial with an opal decoration especially when lights directed on it producing a spectrum of colours. When purchased, it came in a pair. Well, the lady's one has disappeared through the passage of time.

The dial is 33 mm in diameter and now fitted with a replaced black leather strap. The watch is very light giving a false feeling at times that the wrist is rather naked.

The original strap has worn out and the original buckle with the embossed logo disappeared too.

The gold plated case now spotted pimples all around. Sadly, attempts to revive to its original golden glory was unsuccessful due to nature of its make.

Still, the watch serves as loyal and reliable as before without fail.

The box survived the passage of time to remain intact with vigour.

This time piece has logged many memorable times together through thick and thin during those days as a kuli and will remain part of the collections.


myself said...


so very nice watch!

Irhomdeys Vintage Watches said...

Opal dial is hard to find.......

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