Monday, December 7, 2009

230.Rado Purple Horse 11744

This Rado Purple Horse was recently picked up from a friend's shop in Alor Setar at a reasonably fair price. The shop owner was so persuasive to let it go although we were not very keen because the condition was not that attractive. The crown was jutting out, not securely in place. There were many other vintage watches he showed us, all in similar fair condition. But this Purple Horse seemed to be a bit more decent that the rest. So, we just obliged like many times before.

The radiant look reflected on his face on hearing that we finally relented to his request made our day. Still, we knew that there is work to be done on the watch when we returned home.

After some servicing done including crown changed and a new strap, the watch is now functioning well and tell the accurate time.



duniajam said...

Muzill, kedai kat alor setar tu kat mana? Nak pi serang nih. HAhaha...

Muzill said...

Sdr Asmar,

Salam. Alah kedai yang saya kabor dulu kedai Si Ah Siang kat City Plaza... Banyak jam vintage dia ada, Titoni, Tissot, Rado. Tapi kene pilih-pilih sebab condition tak berapa bagus. Happy hunting.

Anonymous said...

Is the purple horse for sale?


Muzill said...

The rado purple horse is still available for sale for USD 84.00 excluding delivery charges.

Please refer here:

Thank you for your kind interest.

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