Sunday, December 13, 2009


My wife and I attended four wedding receptions yesterday. The month of December is loaded with wedding invitations and receptions. Perhaps due to the school semester break or the good weather, or combination of many other factors, the invitations just keep rolling in. We appreciate receiving all those invitations though sometimes it’s hard to attend all if there are too many at different localities far apart on the same day.

We rushed through to oblige all the four invitations yesterday, three occasions during the day and one at night.

The night occasion was grand and splendid. It was the first Malay wedding held at the recently completed, elegantly decorated banquet hall at the Royal Perak Golf Club, Ipoh Perak Malaysia.

It was the reception of our good friends’ eldest daughter’s wedding. Saudara Haji Zamin and Puan Noraini’s daughter, Noor Zafina, an electrical engineer wedded another fellow engineer, Mohd Suffian and RPGC was chosen as the venue for the wedding reception as it was close by to their house.

Members of Kelab Bakti Gunung Keledang turned up in full force to lend support to Hj Zamin, a past president of the club.

The grand reception attended by nearly 700 guest mainly close friends and acquaintances including their immediate neighbour, the Malaysian Cartoonist icon, Dato’ LAT and his wife.

The bride and bridegroom looked stunning in western attire on the dais during the Bersanding ceremony.

Guests were also entertained by a ‘silat gayong’ or traditional Malay martial arts demonstrations and traditional Malay dance performances.

Congratulations to Hj Zamin and Hjh Noraini on this special occasion.

To Noor Zafina and Mohd Suffian, SELAMAT PENGANTIN BARU, wishing you both a blissful life as a married couple and may you both be blessed with smart and healthy children.


Anonymous said...

sdr hj mansor, glad that you and family made time for our family weddo. and to have featured the wedding reception in your blog made it so much more meaningful to us. i'm sure your turn to hold a wedding reception is probably around the corner if not already due. we want to be on top of that guest list, ok!

Limau tambun said...

Hi Zamin,

Being seated at the front most table facilitate the photo shoot and I've to blog as the occasion was so splendid.

Thanks to Zulghaz who ushered us to the front table.

Of course We'll be counting on you and Ani's experience when our kids' turn come.You know how Keledang works...We're one big happy family.

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